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Jahangirnagar University All Unit Subject List

Jahangirnagar University all Unit Subject list has been given to the students. Jahangirnagar University is one of the best public universities in Bangladesh.

This is because other universities are not allowing admission tests after the first year, but Jahangirnagar University is allowing admission tests in the second term. So every student is especially attracted to admission to this University.

Jahangirnagar university all unit subject list
Subject List Of JU

Therefore, we have provided all the information about the unit, faculty, subject list, and the Number of vacant seats for admission to Jahangirnagar University for the needs of the students.

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Jahangirnagar University All Unit Subject List, Faculty, and Number of Vacant Seats

Jahangirnagar University all unit subject list is here. The faculties include Humanities, Social Sciences, Biological Sciences, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Business Studies, Law, and more. Each unit provides a unique academic experience. The number of vacant seats varies annually, providing opportunities for aspiring students to join this esteemed institution and pursue their academic interests.

Jahangirnagar University Subject List- A Unit

Jahangirnagar University all Unit Subject List includes A unit first. There are a total of 415 seats contributed in 7 Departments in A unit.

Faculty Department/Subject Seat
Mathematical and Physical Sciences  Chemistry 85
Computer Science and Engineering 50
Environmental Science 35
Geological Science 40
Mathematics 70
Physics 70
Statistics 65

Jahangirnagar University Subject List- B Unit

Here is the JU subject list for the B unit. You can get the latest and most accurate information officially announced by the Jahangirnagar University.

Faculty Department/Subject Seat
Social Science Economics 75
Anthropology 60
Geography and Environment 60
Government and Politics 65
Public Administration 50
Urban and Regional Planning  35

For more information on the subject list, it is advised to refer to the official resources of the university or contact the respective academic departments.

Jahangirnagar University Subject List- C Unit

Jahangirnagar University all unit subject list provides C unit in the third. This unit contains Arts and Humanities Faculty, 9 Departments, and a total of 440 seats. Here is the detailed information on Jahangirnagar University subject list- C Unit.

Faculty Department/Subject Seat
Arts and Humanities Archaeology  35
Bangla  65
Drama and Dramatics 30
English 65
Fine Arts 30
History 65
International Relations 55
Journalism and Media Studies 25
Philosophy 70

Jahangirnagar University Subject List- D Unit

Jahangirnagar University all unit subject. Here is the JU subject list for the D unit. There are a total of 7 subjects.

Faculty Department/Subject Seat
Biological Science Botany 60
Zoology 60
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 65
Microbiology 35
Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering  35
Public Health and Informatics 40
Pharmacy 55

Jahangirnagar University Subject List- E Unit

BBA is now one of the most demanding subjects. Here is the Jahangirnagar subject list- E unit. You are getting Jahangirnagar University all unit subject list here.

Faculty Department/Subject Seat
Business Studies Finance and Banking  58
Marketing  60
Accounting and Information System 60
Management Studies 60

Jahangirnagar University Subject List- F Unit

Faculty Department/Subject Seat
Law Law and Justice 60


Jahangirnagar Subject List- G Unit

Faculty Department/Subject Seat
IIT Information Technology 50
Literature  Bangabandhu and Literature


Jahangirnagar Subject List- H Unit

Faculty Department/Subject Seat
IBA Institute of Business Administration  50



I hope you have got the necessary information about the Jahangirnagar University all unit subject lists, faculty, and the number of vacant seats at Jahangirnagar University. Stay with us to get information about more different universities in Bangladesh.

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