BRAC University Subject List, Program, And Tuition Fee 2024

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Brac University subject list

Knowing the BRAC University subject list and tuition fee is very important for the students who want to get admitted to this university. BRAC is a famed private university in Bangladesh, and a large number of students apply for admission to this university every year. There are currently 11,200 students studying at the university.

BRAC University Subject List PDF Download And Program
BRAC University Subject

On the other hand, BRAC University’s undergraduate program has a total of 16 subjects and the postgraduate program has a total of 17 subjects. Besides, there are 7 diploma and certificate courses.

BRAC University All Programs

BRAC University has a total of 41 subjects in three programs, undergraduate and postgraduate. Each subject is tailored to the needs of current education. There are three types of programs at Brac University.

  1. Undergraduate Program
  2. Postgraduate Program
  3. Diploma and Certificate Program

However, all subjects have been covered under these three programs. Considering the students of Bangladesh, the university is constantly increasing the number of their subjects. The subjects of each program at this university continue to play a very effective role.

Moreover, each department has advanced labs with skilled teachers to better understand all subjects. Let’s explore the Brac University subject list overall.

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BRAC University Subject List And Credit

We have mentioned all the Brac Univesity subject list here. We have also highlighted the credit numbers of each subject. B.Sc, M.Sc, and diploma can be seen in all these categories here. If you want to download a PDF file then this is the right place! So without further ado, see all the BRAC University subject list and download the PDF.

Undergraduate Subjects or Programs

BRAC University offers diverse undergraduate programs in Bangladesh. These programs provide students with a comprehensive education, preparing them for future careers. Each subject has a unique curriculum, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience for undergraduates at BRAC University. Here is the Brac University subject list of undergraduate programs:

  • B.Sc in Electrical & Electronics Engineering – 136 Credit
  • B.Sc in Electronics & Communication Engineering – 136 Credit
  • B.Sc in Computer Science & Engineering – 136 Credit
  • B.Sc in Computer Science – 124 Credit
  • B.Sc in Architecture – 199 Credit
  • B.Sc in Biotechnology – 136 Credit
  • B.Sc in Microbiology – 136 Credit
  • B.Sc in Mathematics – 127 Credit
  • B.Sc in Physics – 132 Credit
  • B.Sc in Applied Physics & Electronics – 130 Credit
  • Bachelor of English – 120 Credit
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) – 164 Credit
  • Bachelor of Laws [LL. B. (Hons.) – 135 Credit
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – 130 Credit
  • Bachelor of Social Science in Economics – 120 Credit
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences in Anthropology- 120 Credit

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Postgraduate Subjects or Program

BRAC University in Bangladesh provides a range of postgraduate programs for advanced studies. Here is the Brac University subject list of postgraduate programs:

  • M.Sc. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • M.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering
  • M.Sc. and PGD in Early Childhood Development
  • M.S. In Biotechnology
  • Master in Computer Applications
  • Master of Science in Applied Economics
  • MA in English
  • Executive MBA
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Bank Management
  • Master of Development Studies
  • Master in Disaster Management
  • Master of Public Health
  • Masters in Procurement & Supply Management
  • MA in Governance & Development
  • TESOL – MA Teaching-English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • MEd and PGD in (ELSI) Educational Leadership & School Improvement

Diploma and Certificate Program

Brac University subject list of diploma and certificate programs:

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Disaster Management
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Development
  3. Post Graduate (DELSI) Diploma in Educational Leadership & School Improvement
  4. Post-Graduate-Certificates on Managements Of Land-Acquisition, Resettlement & Rehabilitation (MLARR)
  5. Certificate in Construction Management
  6. Certificate Programme on Environmental Management Governance (EMG)
  7. Advanced Diploma diploma & Professionals Diploma of The Chartered Institute Of Procurements & Supplying (CIPS)

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Brac new campus
Brac new campus

What is the best subject of Brac University?

Every subject is very exceptional! But after that, some questions remain. You must have studied in a specific department at SSC and Intermediate level. Example: Science, Business study, or Humanities.

So choose the one that is best for you in your department. Which would be a good decision.

For More: BRAC University

We mentioned the BRAC University subject list of the 10 best subjects:

  1. EEE Engineering
  2. CSE Engineering
  3. Architecture
  4. Physics
  5. Chemistry
  6. English
  7. Mathematics
  8. BBA
  9. Economics
  10. L.L.B

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