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southeast university subject list

Thinking about attending Southeast University and Southeast University Subject List? You’ve come to the right place! This university offers a bunch of cool subjects to learn, from science and business to art and engineering. They also have different programs you can choose from, depending on what you’re interested in. Plus, there are awesome teachers there to help you learn everything you need to know. Let’s dive in and see what Southeast University has to offer!

Southeast University Programs and Schools

Southeast University offers a comprehensive range of academic programs designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need for success. Whether you’re drawn to the world of business, engineering, or the social sciences, SEU has a school and program waiting to guide you.

southeast university subject list

Southeast University contains both graduate and undergraduate programs. The Undergraduate program has 3 schools. The Graduate Program has two Schools.

Programs Schools
Undergraduate Science and Engineering 
Business Studies
Arts and Social Sciences 
Graduate Business Studies
Arts and Social Sciences 

Southeast University Subject List – Undergraduate Program

Curious about the Southeast University subject list that you can explore? Look no further! This list dives into the diverse range of disciplines offered, sparking your curiosity and igniting your potential academic path. From the intricacies of engineering to the vastness of social sciences, prepare to be surprised by the depth and breadth of knowledge waiting to be unlocked at Southeast University.

There are a total of 3 Schools and 10 Departments/Subjects in the Undergraduate Programs.

School of Science and Engineering

There are a total of 5 departments in this school. Here is the Southeast University subject list of this school. These are below:

Departments Programs  Credits
Computer Science & Engineering BSc in CSE (4 years) 144
Electrical & Electronics Engineering  BSc in EEE (4 years) 144
Pharmacy  B Pharm (4 years) 160
Textile Engineering  BSc in Textile Eng (4 years) 174
Architecture B Architecture (5 years) 190

School of Business Studies

In this school, it has only one department.

Departments Programs Credits
Business Administration  BBA (4 years) 124

southeast university subject list

School of Arts and Social Science

A total of 4 departments/subjects in this school. Here is the Southeast University subject list of this school.

Departments Programs Credits
Law & Justice LLB (Hons) – 4 years 147
English  BA (Hons) – 4 years 120
Bangla  BA (Hons) – 4 years 120
Economics BSS (Hons) – 4 years 120

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Southeast University Subject List – Graduate Program

Ready to take your studies to the next level? Southeast University’s Graduate Program subject list offers a wealth of options for ambitious students. This list outlines the various disciplines you can delve deeper into, helping you choose the perfect program to advance your knowledge and career goals.

There are 2 Schools and a total of 5 departments in the Graduate Program. 

School of Business Studies

There are a total of 1 department and two programs each having individual credits. Take a look below:

Departments Programs Credits
Business Administration MBA Regular 60
MBA Executive 48

School of Arts & Social Sciences

Southeast University subject list offers 4 departments in the School of Arts & Social Sciences. Here are the subjects listed:

Departments Programs Credits
English MA 36
Law & Justice LLM 31
Development Studies MDS 39
বাংলা ভাষা ও সাহিত্য বিভাগ এমএ ৪৫

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