Dhaka University Subject List & Seats – All Unit (A, B, C, D, E)

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dhaka university subject list

After the HSC examination, it became very important for the students to know the Dhaka University subject list. The admission war at Dhaka University started immediately after the results of the HSC examination came out. So for them DU subject list and seat number we have mentioned in detail in this article.

Dhaka University Subject List & Seats - All Unit (A, B, C, D, E)

Here you will see the Dhaka University subject list of A Unit, B Unit, C Unit, D Unit, and E Unit. Students who have passed SSC and HSC from the Departments of Science, Business, and Humanities will be able to apply in the subjects of which unit, is nicely mentioned here. So let’s take a look at it without any hassle.

Dhaka University Subject List All Unit (ক, খ, গ, ঘ, চ)

As a student or Guardian, you are going to know about the Dhaka University Subject List of all units- ( A/Ka Unit, A/Kha Unit, C/Ga Unit, D/Gha Unit, E/Cha Unit) and the number of vacant seats. Each unit subject, faculty, and the number of vacant seats are shown here in a table format so that you can easily understand it. There is also a PDF format, you can download it.

Dhaka University Subject List A/Ka Unit

Dhaka University’s “A Unit” has 30 subjects and 1795 seats in 10 faculties. The “A Unit” of this university is mainly for science students. This unit is for students who have passed HSC from the science department and want to complete graduation from the science department.

Faculty/Institute Subject/Department Seat
Faculty of Sciences Physics 140
Mathematics 130
Chemistry 90
Statistics 88
Applied Mathematics 70
Faculty of Biological Sciences Soil, Water, and Environment Science 120
Botany 75
Zoology 100
Biochemistry and Motivation Science 60
Psychology 50
Microbiology 40
Fisheries 40
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology 17
Pharmacy Faculty Pharmacy 65
Earth and Environment Science Faculty Geography and environment 50
Geology 50
Oceanography 25
Disaster science and management 30
Engineering & Technology Faculty Electrical and Electronic Engineering 70
Applied Chemistry and Chemistry 60
Computer Science and Engineering 60
Nuclear engineering 25
Robotics and Mechanics Engineering 20
Statistics Institute Applied statistics 50
Nutrition and Food Science Institute Nutrition and Food Science 35
Information Technology Institute Software engineering 30
Lather Engineering and Technology Institute Leather engineering 50
Footwear engineering 50
Leather Products Engineering 50
Education and Research Institute Physical Sciences 30
Biological Science 25
Total Seats 1795

Dhaka University subject list

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Dhaka University Unit Subject List B/Kha

There are 44 subjects in 10 faculties in the B unit of Dhaka University. This unit is primarily for humanities students. B / Kha unit for those who want to do graduation in humanities. Here is the Dhaka University subject list for the B unit.

Faculty/ Institute
Subject Name Seats
Faculty of Arts Bangla
Persian Language and Literature
Pali and Buddhist Studies
Islamic Studies
Islamic History and Culture
Information technology and Library management
Theatre and Performance Studies
World Religion and Culture
Social Science Faculty Economics
Political Science
International Relation
Mass Communication and Journalism
Public Administration
Population Science
Peace and Conflict Studies
Women and Gender Studies
Development Studies
Television, Film, and Photography
Communication Disorders
Print and Publication Studies
Japanese studies
Law Faculty Law
Earth and Environment Science Faculty Geography and Environment
Biological Faculty Psychology
Social Welfare Institute Social Welfare
Health Economics Institute Health Economics
Teaching and Research Institute Education (B. Ed)
Disaster Management Institute Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies
Modern Language Institute English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
French Language and Culture (FLC)
Chinese Language and Culture (CLC)
Japanese Language and Culture (JLC)

Faculty of Arts

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Dhaka University Subject List C/Ga Unit

C-Unit is for students with a business background, and for those who want to graduate in business from science and humanities. Here is the Dhaka University subject list of the C/Ga Unit.

Subject Name Seats
Management 180
Accounting and Information System 180
Marketing 180
Finance 180
Banking and Insurance 180
Management and Information System 180
Tourism and Hospitality Management 180
International Business 180
Organization Strategy and Leadership 35
Total 1475

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Dhaka University Subject List D/Gha Unit

Dhaka University subject list of D Unit has 55 subjects and 1560 seats. D unit has seats for all departments of science, business, and humanities. This section is for those who want to become students of one department and study in another department.

Subject Name Seats
Economics 78
Political Science 100
International Relations 50
Sociology 40
Mass Media and Journalism 33
Public administration 60
Anthropology 25
Peace and Conflict Studies 30
Women and Gender Studies 25
Development Studies 15
Population Sciences 13
Television, Film, and Photography 20
Criminology 40
Communication Disorders 20
Printing and Publication Studies 20
Japanese Studies 45
Bangla 32
English 25
Arabic 30
Persian Language and Literature 30
Urdu 50
Sanskrit 30
Pali and Buddhist Studies 30
History 30
Philosophy 30
Islamic Studies 40
Islamic History and Culture 40
Information Technology and Library Management 20
Theater and Performance Studies 10
Music 30
Dance 20
Language Science 35
World Religion and Culture 40
Management 15
Accounting & Information Systems 15
Marketing 15
Finance 15
Banking and Insurance 7
Management Information Systems 5
International Business 6
Tourism and Hospitality Management 5
Organization Strategy and Leadership 20
Geography and environment 20
Psychology 30
Math 5
Statistics 16
Law 65
Institute of Social Welfare and Research 15
Health Economics Institute 30
Institute of Education and Research 60
Institute of Disaster Management 30
English for Speakers of Other Languages ​​(ESOL) 15
BA Honors in French Language and Culture (FLC) 10
BA Honors in Chinese Language and Culture (CLC) 15
BA Honors in Japanese Language and Culture (JLC) 10
Total 1560

Dhaka University D/Gha Unit Subject List PDF Download

You can find detailed information at https://www.du.ac.bd/

Dhaka University Subject List E/Cha Unit

The subjects of the DU E-unit are applicable to students who have passed any department. The “E unit” has a total of 8 subjects. Dhaka University subject list of E Unit is given below. 

Subject Name Seats
Drawing & Painting 30
Printmaking 12
Crafts 15
Sculpture 10
Graphics Design 25
Oriental art 15
Pottery 10
History of art 18
Total 135

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