Daffodil University Subject List- Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Diploma Holder and Other

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Daffodil University subject list

Daffodil University subject list is very important for undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma students. Since the establishment of DIU on 24th January 2002, its importance has been increasing among the students seeking admission to the university. Note that, DIU is one of the advanced private universities in Bangladesh.

Daffodil University Subject List- Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Other
DIU Subject list

One of the reasons for this is that the DIU conducts educational activities using advanced technology. There are modern labs and classrooms for each subject. However, it is very important for students to know what subjects or programs are available at the university for admission.

Daffodil University Faculty List

The subjects of Daffodil International University are divided into several faculties. The university has 5 faculties for undergraduate and 5 for postgraduate. The faculties of both DIU programs are the same, but within these faculties BBA, B.Sc, and MBA, M.Sc subjects are included.

So, let’s take a look at what faculties the university has.

DIU Undergraduate and Postgraduate Faculty List

  1. Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship
  2. Faculty of Engineering
  3. Faculty of Science and Information Technology
  4. Faculty of Humanities and Social Science
  5. Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

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Daffodil University Subject List

Finally, you go to see the Daffodil University subject list. Here we have listed the subjects of undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma programs.

DIU subject list for Undergraduate students

From Business Administration, Computer Science, and Engineering to Humanities, Social Sciences, and Health Sciences, the university offers several programs to cater to various academic interests. This array of subjects authorizes students to select courses aligned with their passions and career aspirations, observing an organized education experience. We have enlisted here all the faculties of Undergraduate students.

1. Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship

With a dynamic curriculum, experienced faculty, and a focus on innovation, the faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship nurtures business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. The faculty prepares graduates to excel in dynamic business environments and contribute to economic growth. Here is the Daffodil University subject list of the faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship.

Faculty Department/Subject
Business & Entrepreneurship Business Administration
Business Studies
Real State
Tourism & Hospitality Management
Innovation & Entrepreneurship

2. Faculty of Engineering

With a dedicated faculty, modern facilities, and a focus on innovation, the faculty of Engineering equips students to tackle real-world engineering challenges and contribute to technological advancements in diverse industries. Here is the Daffodil University subject list of Engineering faculty.

Faculty Department/Subject
Engineering Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
Textile Engineering
Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Civil Engineering


3. Faculty of Science and Information Technology

This faculty has the highest subject in the undergraduate program. There are a total of 07 subjects/departments in this faculty. This faculty empowers students to explore the realms of science and Information Technology(IT), preparing them to lead in fields of research, data, innovation, and problem-solving. Daffodil University subject list of Science and Information Technology faculty is listed below.

Faculty Department/Subject
Science & Information Technology Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
Computing & Information System (CIS)
Software Engineering (SWE)
Environmental Science & Disaster Management (ESDM)
Multimedia & Creative Technology (MCT)
Information Technology & Management (ITM)
Physical Education & Sports Science (PESS)

4. Faculty of Humanities and Social Science

This is another faculty of DIU. Faculty of Humanities and Social Science is a perfect theme of socialism. With a dedicated faculty and a range of academic disciplines, this faculty prepares students to understand and address complex social issues while observing critical thinking and cultural awareness. Here is the Daffodil University subject list of this Faculty.

Faculty Department/Subject
Humanities & Social Science Arts in English
Journalism, Media & Communication

5. Faculty of Allied Health Science

The faculty of Allied Health Science plays a vital role in maintaining health systems, ensuring accurate diagnoses, and aiding patient recovery. Here is the Daffodil University subject list of the faculty of Allied Health Science.

Faculty Department/Subject
Allied Health Science Pharmacy
Nutrition & Food Engineering
Public Health
Agricultural Science


Daffodil International University

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DIU subject list for Diploma holder

  • Textile Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE)
  • Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
  • Software Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Nutrition and Food Engineering

DIU subject list for Postgraduate students

Daffodil University subject list and programs listed below are designed to provide in-depth knowledge, research skills, and specialization in a particular subject area. Postgraduate programs often involve coursework, research, projects, and sometimes internships or practical training. They are intended to prepare students for more advanced and specialized roles in their chosen field, whether that’s academia, research, industry, or other professional settings.

1. Faculty Of Business And Entrepreneurship

Faculty Department/Subject/Programs
Business & Entrepreneurship Master of Business Administration (MBA)(Regular)
Master of Business Administration (MBA)(Executive)

2. Faculty Of Engineering

Faculty Department/Subject/Program
Engineering MSc in Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering (ETE)
MSc in Textile Engineering (TE)

3. Faculty Of Science And Information Technology

Faculty Department/Subject/Program
Science & Information Technology MSc in Computer Science & Technology (CSE)
MSc in Management Information System (MIS)
MSc in Software Engineering (SWE)


4. Faculty Of Humanities And Social Science

Faculty Department/Subject/Program
Humanities & Social Science Master of Arts in English
Master of Law (LLM)
MSS in Journalism, Media & Communication
MSS in Development Studies
Post Graduate Diploma in Information Science & Library Management

5. Faculty Of Allied Health Science

Faculty Department/Subject/Program
Allied Health Science Master of Public Health (MPH)
Master of Pharmacy

Daffodil University

Daffodil International University Proposed Subjects List

  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
  • Bachelor of Science in Transportation Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Microbiology
  • Bachelor of Science in Bio-Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Genetic Engineering
  • Bachelor of Social Science (Honors) in Economics
  • Bachelor of Physical Education and Sport Science (PESS)
  • Bachelor of Speech and Language Therapy (SLT)

Daffodil International University Affiliated Program list

  • CISCO Academy
  • ORACLE Academy
  • Prometric Testing Centre
  • Redhat Academy
  • SUN Academic Initiative Program
  • Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA)
  • Microsoft IT Academy
  • Daffodil Institute of Languages (DIL)

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