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PSC result 2015: PSC scholarship result 2015 

Most of the students in Bangladesh read in class five. We called the students at this stage PSC examiners. In this stage, students should complete their 1st level of Education. Primary school certificate ( PSC ) will be published on 26 December 2015.  This PSC result 2015 will be published in the grading system. Students should have a grade point average in brief GPA.

The Primary School Certificate ( PSC ) is a public examination conducted by education boards in Bangladesh.  Students who qualify for the PSC exam in Bangladesh are known as 5th-class pass students. The primary school certificate ( PSC ) exam was started on 22 November 2015 and ended on 29 November 2015.

The PSC exam corresponds Ebtedayee exam in Madrasa boards which started same date 22 November 2015. Ebtedayee and PSC Result 2015 were published on the same date 31 December 2015. After the PSC and JSC results, the Bangladesh education board takes the SSC exam. SSC Result 2016 published by

Get PSC Result 2015

You have to follow this to find your results. At fast you select your examination. If you are general you select general education. & others you select madrasa ( Ebtedayee ) education. Then you select your district. After that, you select your thana/upazila. And now you select your passing year. Last stage you type your roll number.

More easily you follow this instruction. { Education: General education/ madrasa(Ebtedayee) education. District: Dhaka. Thana/upazilla: santinogor/santinogor. passing year: 2015. Roll no: 569823. }. You have to visit this site to watch PSC results.

PSC Result 2015

you may also get your result by visiting: PSC result is the only official PSC Result 2015 site. For your result, some steps have to flow. There are:

  1. Select your Examination from the select box. If you General Examine select General education. Other select Madrasa (edtedayi) Education.
  2. Select the district you participate in the exam.
  3. Select your Thana or Upazilla on the held exam.
  4. Select your passing year. If your examination was held in 2015. Select 2015.
  5. Type your Roll No. on Blank box.
  6. All information is right. Then click the submit button.

Get Your Result From This Box:

PSC Scholarship Result 2016

The PSC ( Primary School Certificate )  scholarship will be published on 15th March 2016. PSC scholarship results were published after the PSC results. If you are a PSC examiner. you have to know about your scholarship.DPE ( Directorate of Primary Education ) is going to publish PSC scholarship results in 2015 as well as Ebtedayee students. All  PSC candidates can collect easy scholarship results. if they successfully passed. We know which students got a GPA of 5. Then he will be selected for the scholarship.

PSC scholarship

PSC ( Primary School Certificate ) scholarship will be published very soon. PSC scholarship results 2014 will be published in 64 districts. PSC exam results were published last week of December 2015. The director of education board known to the authority may be published end of February 2015 or the first week of March 2015. The last year of 2014. PSC exam total of 1,05,673 students got a GPA of 5. There are a total of 24,15,341 attended on PSC exam & 10,98,073.  And 13,17,268 boys. And girls passed the examination. though 65,778 failed. PSC and Ebtedayee scholarship results were published on the same date.

Primary Scholarship Result 2016

PSC  and Ebtedayee results 2015 will published on 26 december 2015. They have to attend PSC and Ebtedayee also. The Primary education students are conducted by Director of Education. PSC and Ebtedayee scholarship results 2015 will be published on 15th March 2016. Primary School Certificate ( PSC ) also known as PEC. In madrasha board also known as Ebtedayee exam. After the results of PSC and Ebtedayee.  The students are waiting for scholarship results. Which students got GPA-5. Only these students qualified for scholarships.

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