Sherpur Polytechnic institute in Bangladesh

Sherpur Polytechnic institute

Bhatshala, Sherpur
Phone: 0931-62534, 01711-193503, Fax: 0931-62534
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Md. Sakhawat Hossain

Sherpur Polytechnic Institute

Information of Sherpur Polytechnic Institute

Sherpur Polytechnic Institute of district, a fertile ground for technical education. Diploma in specialized engineering sector plays an important role. More than 1600 students in four-year diploma course in engineering From the study. Institute of Technical Education Department under its journey. This is only the start of 2004, with the electronics technology. It now has four categories. They are: Civil, Computer, electronic and environment. In this polytechnic have four technology. And the technology are Computer, Electronics, Civil and Environmental. This all technology are so good for student. Specially for the student who read Civil technology in this polytechnic.

If you like any technology of this polytechnic and you chance here then admit. We think you are interest to admit on this polytechnic for the subject of Electronics Engineering. Because it’s a good subject of Sherpur Polytechnic. The other subject are also good like Computer, Environmental etc. So you should try for those subject if you want to study one of them. For more Info you have to visit our site about all the information of Diploma in Engineering.


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Civil Engineering Technology

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Computer Engineering

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Electronics Engineering

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Environmental Engineering

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