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dhaka polytechnic institute

Dhaka Polytechnic Institute Address And Location

Shahid Tajuddin Ahmed Sorony Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208.
EIIN Code: 137018, Contact No: 02-58151880,

Email: info@dpi.gov.bd , Principal: dpi54@yahoo.com

Principal: Engr. Kazi Zakir Hossain

Vice Principal: Arifa Akter

Dhaka polytechnic institute

Dhaka Polytechnic Notice Board

DPI Admission Notice 2023 has been published recently, which we mentioned.  Moreover, there are all kinds of notices including class start notices, examination notices, and class closure notices for all episodes.

  1. DPI Admission Notice 2023-2024
  2. Admission Qualifier Notice
  3. Notice of admission of trainees under the National Technical and Vocational Qualification Framework

Dhaka Polytechnic Institute Subjects List, Seats, and Tuition Fees

SL Technology Seats
01 Architecture 100
02 Electrical 150
03 Electronics 100
04 Mechanical 150
05 Civil 200
06 Computer 100
07 Automobile 100
08 Refrigeration 100
09 Chemical 100
10 Food 100
11 Environmental 50

1. Architecture Engineering Technology

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2. Electrical Engineering

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3. Electronics Engineering

What is Electronics Engineering Technology? Diploma in Electronics Engineering fully details information you can know from this site.

4. Mechanical Engineering

What is Mechanical engineering? Diploma in Mechanical Engineering fully details information you can get here.

5. Diploma in Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is now one of the best Diploma in Engineering Technology. Civil engineering technology fully details information you can find here.

6. Computer Engineering

What is Computer Engineering Technology? Now the best engineering technology is computer Engineering technology. you can also know about computer engineering Latest info is here.

7. Automobile Engineering

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8. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology is a new and effective technology. But it is a very effective engineering technology for every world. You can know about more Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology information here.

Nowadays it is an important technology.

9. Chemical Engineering

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10. Food Technology

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11. Environmental Engineering

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Tuition Fee

Dhaka Polytechnic’s tuition fee is very limited as it is a government institution. The tuition fees per semester for the 11 technologies of the institution are mentioned below. (Computer, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Power, Environmental, Chemical, Automobile, Food, Refrigeration and Air Condition, Architecture).

Semester Tuition fee
Admission Fee 1100 TK.
1st semester 800 TK.
2nd semester 1750 TK.
3rd semester 1850 TK.
4th semester 1950 TK.
5th semester 2000 TK.
6th semester 2000 TK.
7th semester 2050 TK.

Note: Complete information has been collected from the students of the Polytechnic. There may be some changes in the tuition fee as per the regulations.

Dhaka Polytechnic Institute Admission Circular 23

The admission process to all polytechnics in Bangladesh is going to start soon, DPI is one of them. Because most of the students are admitted to this institution every year. The institute has 11 subjects, and every year 1100+ students are admitted here, which is the largest in Bangladesh.

Do not be upset, DPI Admission Circular 2023 has been published. The BTEB Admission Circular is applicable to all government and private polytechnics. Those who have passed SSC and equivalent examinations can apply.

See below for eligibility for application, prescribed quota, and admission circular.

Admission Qualification

The eligibility of the application has been relaxed more in the case of Males than in the case of females.

  1. Each Male student with 3.0 Grade points in Mathematics and a total GPA of 3.50 will be able to apply for admission.
  2. Each Female student with 3.0 Grade points in Mathematics and a total GPA of 3.50 will be able to apply for admission.

Admission Quota

Everyone knows that the quota system is followed in every government institution for admission. Diploma in Engineering is no exception. Under the quota, 29% of students will be able to get admission to the Polytechnic, the remaining 71% will get a place on the merit list.

  • 20% quota for girls.
  • 5% for children or grandchildren of freedom fighters.
  • 2% for minorities.
  • 2% for children of officers and employees working in the Ministry of Foreign Employment.

Admission Circular 2022 PDF Download

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General Information of Dhaka Polytechnic

  • Name: Dhaka Polytechnic Institute
  • Type: Government Institute
  • Demonym: DPIans
  • Established: 1955
  • EIIN Number: 137018
  • Number of Technology: 11
  • Number of Teachers:_
  • Academic Stuff: 116
  • Number of Students: 9200
  • Campus: 27.00 acres
  • Workshop: 03
  • Library: 01 (Available 20,000 books and 10,000 plus bound periodicals)
  • Lab: There are separate labs for each department
  • Medical Center: 01
  • Hostel (Boys): 06
  • Hostel (Girls): 01
  • Stadium/Play Ground: 01
  • Canteen: 01
  • Mosque: 01
  • Website: Visit Website

Online Class

During the Corona pandemic, students of all institutions under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board, including Dhaka Polytechnic, have been given classes online. If the government gives a lockdown due to the epidemic, then the online class will be taken, for which the notice board of the organization or the notice on the website will be informed.


The Polytechnic campus has a 4-storey building, a sports stadium, and a Sonali Bank branch in the corner of the main building for students. There is also a Shaheed Minar, and inside the main building, there is an auditorium room for cultural events.

Students Hostel

There are 06 hostels for boys and 01 for girls. Students get the opportunity to stay here for a very low cost.

  1. West Latif Hostel
  2. East Latif Hostel
  3. Zahir Raihan Hostel
  4. Kazi Nazrul Islam Hostel
  5. Maniruzzaman Hostel
  6. Aziz Hostel
  7. Ladies Hostel


  1. Teachers quarter – 01
  2. Staff quarter – 01

Medical Centre and Library

The institute has a medical center for providing free treatment to injured/sick teachers and students, which provides full-time services.

There is a library containing books of 20000+ academic and other books as well as books by local and foreign authors, where 100 students can study together.


To enhance the performance of students in Civil, Mechanical, Automobile, Refrigeration, Chemical and Chemical (Food), the institute has a workshop where they are given practical classes.


The Polytechnic has separate labs for practical classes for students of Electrical, Electronics, and Computer.

Dhaka Polytechnic Institute (DPI) History

Dhaka Polytechnic Institute, the oldest of the Polytechnic Institute. It has four technologies such as: civil, electrical, mechanical, and the Institute of Technical manpower from abroad, increasing the demand for mid-level and first-year classes of Diploma-in-Engineering was established in 1955 with only 120 students.

Dhaka Polytechnic Institute

This polytechnic is fully maintained by the Technical Education Board in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Dhaka Polytechnic has eleven departments in Computer Engineering Technology, Civil engineering technology, Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Power(auto diesel) Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Chemical engineering technology, Automobile Engineering Technology, Food Engineering technology, Refrigeration, and air condition Technology, Architecture, and Interior Design, and architecture and interior Design  Diploma in Engineering technology in this polytechnic institute.


I hope you have got all the information about Dhaka Polytechnic Institute. Stay with us to get updated information on all government polytechnics in Bangladesh.

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