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Tangail polytechnic institute

A. U. Madrasah Deola, Tangail- 1900, Bangladesh, Tangail
Phone: 88-0921-53237, 0172120663, Fax: 88-0921-53237
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Md. Lutfar Rahman

Tangail polytechnic Institute

Tangail polytechnic institute

Polytechnic Institute of Tangail, Bangladesh in the Polytechnic is a polytechnic. Tangail Polytechnic Principal Sir engineers M: Squeeze Bottle. The atmosphere is very nice and full political Polytechnic. Likewise, in terms of education is no less.

Tangail Polytechnic Institute in Tangail for each teacher and teachers are educated enough. Who is very efficient and take very seriously the theoretical and practical clash. Allowing students to easily become technically proficient. Tangail Polytechnic Institute, and the results are much better, and each year several students from the DUET (University and Engineering Technology) provides an opportunity to read this. And

There are 96 seats for each of Technology. And in four years has almost 1900 students. So you should try for those subject if you want to study one of them. For more Info you have to visit our site about all the information of Diploma in Engineering.


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Computer Technology

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Construction engineering

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Diploma in Electrical Engineering

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Electronics Engineering

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Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering

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