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Pabna polytechnic institute

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Md. Shajahan Ali

Pabna polytechnic institute

About of Pabna polytechnic institute

Pabna Polytechnic Institute, a historical Polytechnic Institute. The Institute is conducted under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board. Which plays a vital role in the technical sector. Mr. Roy, Mr. Banomali trash landlord “BL Elliott Technical School” in the district Nagarabari the right side of the highway when a technical school founded in 1924, began its history. Pabna polytechnic institute fully maintain by Bangladesh Technical Education Board Dhaka. Pabna polytechnic institute student has 972 male student and 308 Female Student. this polytechnic institute has stipend facility and also has Hostel for student.

In this polytechnic Institute have seven technology. This all technology are good, specially Civil Engineering. Civil technology have most student of Pabna polytechnic.  So get ready to study for any technology of this polytechnic.

General Information of Pabna polytechnic institute

Teacher's Information 
Teacher's Name Designation
Md. Mahbubur Rahman
Academic In charge
Chief Instructor
Student's Information
TechnologyNumber of Seats
Power (Auto)50

Department Name of Pabna polytechnic institute

Civil Engineering

civil Engineering is now best Diploma in engineering technology. civil engineering technology fully details information you can find here.

Computer Engineering

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Construction Engineering

what is construction Engineering technology ? Construction Engineering is a best creative engineering in the world. this technology build in word beautiful and different. you can also know about fully details information get here.

Electrical Engineering

What is Electrical Engineering ? diploma in Electrical engineering about fully more details information you can get this site.

Environmental Engineering

what is Environmental Engineering ?  diploma in Environmental Engineering technology fully details information you can get here.

Mechanical Engineering

what is Mechanical engineering ? diploma in mechanical Engineering fully details information you can get here.


what is power(autodigel) Engineering ? diploma in power(autodegel) engineering technology fully details information you can find here.