Gopalganj polytechnic institute in Bangladesh

Gopalganj polytechnic institute

Chandradigalia, Gopalganj
Phone: 88-0668-58015, , Fax: 88-0668-58015


Mahananda Majumder

Gopalganj polytechnic institute

Gopalganj polytechnic institute

Among the Polytechnic Institute of the Polytechnic of gopalaganja Polytechnic. This is usually one of the grades of the Polytechnic. It is conducted by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board. this is a one of the best Diploma in Engineering institute in Gopalganj. this polytechnic institute also have stipend facility and Hostel facility in this polytechnic institute. This polytechnic fully maintain by Technical education board in dhaka, bangladesh. gopalganj polytechnic have four department is Computer Engineering technology, food engineering technology, Electronics engineering technology, Refrigeration and air condition Diploma in Engineering technology in this polytechnic institute.

This is a nice place for student’s to study in Diploma level. This Polytechnic are so good for Refrigeration and Air Condition Engineering. Most of the Brilliant student chance this Polytechnic for the subject. There is a big Campus on this polytechnic Institute.  And also more fully details information in gopalganj polytechnic institute is given below.

General Information Of Gopalganj polytechnic institute

Teacher's Information 
Teacher's NameDesignation
Student's Information
TechnologyNumber of Seats
Computer 50
Refrigeration and Air Condition50

Department Name of Gopalganj polytechnic institute

Computer Engineering

now word the best engineering technology is computer Engineering technology. you can also know about computer engineering Latest info here. It is a Important Technology In present World

Electronics Engineering

what is Electronics Engineering technology? Diploma in Electronics Engineering fully details information you can know this site. go to this link and know Electronics Engineering information.

Food Engineering

Food Engineering technology is the best effective engineering on the world. you can also know about Food Diploma in Engineering information here. Without food preserve it will be west.

Refrigeration and Air Condition Technology

Refrigeration and air condition technology is a new and effective technology. but it is a very effective engineering technology for every world . you can know about more refrigeration and air condition technology information here. Now a days It’s Important More and Most