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Feni Computer Institute

Feni Computer Institute

New Ranirhat, Feni
Phone: 331-61888, 01818-591793, 01811-227601, Fax: 0331-61888
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Md. Mazharul Islam Chowdhury

Feni Computer Institute’s conversion of the vast population of human resources and information and communication technology, computer education students has been established in order to meet the growing demand. Feni district has a computer institute. Est. Was established in October of 06.2003. Feni Computer Institute at the government level for the promotion of ICT education institutes is the first. This polytechnic institute also has a stipend facility and Hostel facility in this polytechnic institute. This polytechnic is fully maintained by the Technical Education Board in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Feni Polytechnic has two departments Computer Engineering Technology and Information Communication Diploma in Engineering Technology in this polytechnic institute.

Feni Computer Institute

There is no doubt that this institute is a good institute in Bangladesh. This is only one Institute at the Diploma Level for Computer Science and Data Telecommunication Engineering Technology. Data Telecommunication is Good for Feni Institute and Computer Science is best for students at this Institute. This Feni Computer Institute is Good for both of those subjects. If you chance here for any subject both of them. Then you should have a bright life from here. First of all, I suggest you mark this Institute for those subjects if you’re interested in studying this subject. If you want to know more about those subjects then visit our other post.  Also, more detailed information on Feni  Computer  Institute is below.

General Information of Feni Computer Institute

Type Govt. Polytechnic
Motto Knowledge Has No Limit
Established 6-10-2003
Short Name FCI
Administrative Staff 20
Academic Staff 25
Students  1170
Other Students (SEIP) 128
Endowment  Yes
Location New Ranirhat, Feni Sadar, Feni

23°02′04″N  91°25′09″E

Feni Polytechnic Institute


Departments of Feni Computer Institute

Feni Computer Insitute

SL Department
01 Computer Science & Technology (CST)
02 Telecommunication Technology (TCT)

Computer Science and Technology

Now the best engineering technology is computer Engineering technology. You can also learn about computer engineering Latest info. It is an important Technology in the present World.

Telecommunication Technology

What is data Communication Engineering technology? You can find more about the Diploma in Telecommunication Technology detailed information get this site.