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Bogra Polytechnic Institute

Address: Lotifpur 5800, Sherpur Rd, Bogra.

EIIN Number: 133819, Contact Number: 051-66152, 01716991274,

Fax: 051-66152  Email:

Name Bogra Polytechnic Institute
Founded 1962
Type Governments Institute
EIIN Code 133819
Principal Eng. Md. Jaynal Abden (Incharge)
Administrative Staff 190
Academic staff 09
Department 09
Total Teacher 100


Male Students 3460
Female Students 850
Students Hostel 03
Library Yes
Medical Centre Yes
Playground Yes
Canteen Yes
Scholarships Yes
Email bogra_poly


Bogra Polytechnic Institute

Bogra Polytechnic Institute Subject List

There are a total of 9 departments/subjects in this polytechnic.

Civil Engineering Technology

Civil Engineering is now the best Diploma in engineering technology. civil engineering technology fully details information you can find here.

Computer Engineering

What is Computer Engineering technology? Now the best engineering technology is computer Engineering technology. You can also know about computer engineering. The Latest info is here.

Diploma in Electrical Engineering

What is Electrical Engineering? Diploma in Electrical engineering about fully more details information you can get this site.

Electronics Engineering 

What is Electronics Engineering Technology? Diploma in Electronics Engineering fully details information you can know this site. go to this link and know the Electronics Engineering information.

Mechanical Engineering

What is Mechanical engineering? Diploma in Mechanical Engineering fully details information you can get here.

Power (Autodigel) Engineering Technology

What is power (auto diesel) Engineering? Diploma in power (auto diesel) engineering technology fully details information you can find here.

Mining and Mine Survey Engineering 

What is Mining Engineering? Architecture and interior design diploma in engineering about fully more details information you can get this site.

Tourism And Hospitality Technology

What is Tourism Technology? Tourism and hospitality technology is the application of various tech solutions to enhance both the travel experience for tourists and the management and operations of tourism and hospitality businesses

RAC Technology

What is RAC Technology? Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC) technology is essentially the science and engineering behind controlling temperature. It aims to either create and maintain cold environments (refrigeration) or cool down warm spaces (air conditioning).

Mining Technology

Mining technology refers to the tools, techniques, and processes used to extract valuable minerals and resources from the Earth.

About Bogra Polytechnic Institute

Bangladesh Bogra Polytechnic Institute was founded in 1962. It is the largest one of the Government Polytechnic Institute.

Institute nickname BPI. Oklahoma State University, the Ford Foundation in the United States, based on a three-year-long course curriculum of the Institute of Technical Education was established to enhance this. The Institute offers a variety of engineering degrees in the four-year diploma.

Ministry of Education and approved by the Board of the Institute of Technical Education are supervised. this is one of the Best Diploma in Engineering institutes in Bogra. There is a Stipend facility and also a Hostel facility at Bogra Polytechnic Institute.

There are 09 Departments at Bogra Polytechnic Insitute- Civil Engineering, Computer engineering, Electrical engineering, Electronics engineering, Mechanical engineering, Power engineering, Mining and Mine survey, Tourism And Hospitality Technology, Refrigeration and air condition technology.


Notice Board of Bogra Polytechnic Institute

You can easily get all the notices of Polytechnic from here. You can get all the update notices by visiting our website or Bogra Polytechnic’s own website.

Online Class

While the school and college were closed due to the Corona pandemic, Bogra Polytechnic Institute has taken online classes for students. For this, the class was scheduled by the institution.

At present all the polytechnics in Bangladesh have been introduced, so classes are now being held through physical presence. Below is a video of some of the previous online classes.

Class Schedule

1st Shift Class Schedule: 8.00 AM to 2.00 PM

2nd Shift Class Schedule: 2.00 PM to 6.00 PM

Students Hostel

Bogra Polytechnic Institute has 3 hostels, 2 for boys and 1 for girls. Every student can stay here at a very low cost and get the opportunity to eat.

  • North Hostel
  • South Hostel
  • Korotoa Girls Hostel

There are also many students Mess around the institutes, where you can stay at a very low cost.

Teachers Quarters

There are separate quarters for both male and female teachers. Here are facilities for electricity, gas, water, etc.

Library and Medical Center

Bogra Polytechnic Institution has a huge library, with numerous books for teachers and students to read. To collect books from the library, each student has to receive a card by which they can receive books.

The Polytechnic also has its own medical center for immediate treatment. Treatment is provided here from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm.

Playground And Mosque

The institute has a huge field for sports to keep the students fit, with a variety of sports including cricket, volleyball, and football. There is also a mosque for prayers.


The Polytechnic has stipend arrangements for poor students. If a student does not get a reffard in the semester examination, they will be given a stipend of TK. 4800 per semester.

Bogra Polytechnic Admission Circular

Admission circulars of polytechnics all over Bangladesh will be published simultaneously. If you want to be admitted to Bogra Polytechnic Institute then follow the BTEB Admission Circular, from here you can know all the rules and regulations of admission and apply online. See below for the Polytechnic Admission Eligibility and Quota System.

Admission Qualification

  • For admission to Polytechnic, boys have to get a total GPA of 3.50 including 3.50 in Mathematics in SSC and equivalent examinations.
  • For admission in Polytechnic, girls have to get a total GPA of 3.0 including SSC and equivalent examination in Mathematics 3.0.

Admission Quota

  • 20% quota for girls.
  • 5% for children or grandchildren of freedom fighters.
  • 2% for minorities.
  • 2% for children of officers and employees working in the Ministry of Foreign Employment.