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Bhola Polytechnic Institute

Bhola Polytechnic Institute

Borhanuddin, Bhola
Phone: 88-04922-56375, 01939420280, Fax: 88-04922-56375
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Engr.Hasan Md. Qumruzzaman

Bhola Polytechnic institute

Bhola Polytechnic Institute

Bhola Polytechnic Institute (BPI) of Bangladesh in the Polytechnic. It is the biggest Island in Bangladesh area and the area is 3404’48 sq km. The Bhola Polytechnic was established in 2005 under the Bhola District. It was located at Borhanuddin Upzilla, Pakkhia Union beside Mehhna River.

Bhola Polytechnic Institute was established in three acors areas. It is usually conducted by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board. The Polytechnic has two shifts. this is one of the Best Diploma in Engineering institute in Bogra. there are stipend facilities and also have Hostel facility in this polytechnic. there are four Departments- Civil Engineering, Computer engineering, Refrigeration and air condition engineering, and Electronics engineering.

General Information of Bhola Polytechnic

Type Govt. Polytechnic
Established  2005
Students 1200+
Campus Urban, 3 acres
Affiliation Bangladesh Technical Education Board

Department & Seat at Bhola Polytechnic Institute

There are a total of four Departments in this polytechnic:

  1. Civil Technology- 200
  2. Computer Technology- 100
  3. Electronics- 100
  4. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning- 100
Civil Engineering Technology 

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Computer Engineering in Bhola Polytechnic Institute

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Electronics Engineering 

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Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology 

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