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Rangpur Polytechnic institute

Shalbon, Mistry Para Road, Rangpur, Bangladesh
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Khandakar Golam Mostafa

Rangpur Polytechnic Institute

Rangpur Polytechnic institute

Since 1882 the British during the “District Council building”, which is closer to the place, “Bailey Govinda Technical School” with the name of the institute is working. An expert on the technical education institutions have the manpower to make. Now the campus of the name “Technical School and College in Rangpur, Rangpur.” India and Pakistan were divided in 1962. The citizen and the Institute of Energy Technologies and its name “Rangpur Technical Institute” has been converted into.

In this polytechnic have seven technology. And the technology are Civil, Computer, Electrical, Electronics, Electra-medical, Mechanical and power technology. This all technology are so good and important. This all subject are valuable subject in Bangladesh. You should read the subject which one you want and you like.

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Civil Engineering

civil Engineering is now best Diploma in engineering technology. civil engineering technology fully details information you can find here.

Computer Engineering

what is computer Engineering technology? now word the best engineering technology is computer Engineering technology. you can also know about computer engineering Latest info here.

Electrical Engineering

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Electro-medical Engineering

what is Electro-medical Engineering ? Diploma in Electromedical engineering fully details information you can find here.

Electronics Engineering

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Mechanical Technology

what is Mechanical engineering ? diploma in mechanical Engineering fully details information you can get here.

Power (Autodigel) Technology

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