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Rajshahi polytechnic institute

Sapur, Rajshahi

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Prof. Md. Nurul Islam

Rajshahi polytechnic institute

Rajshahi Polytechnic institute

Rajshahi polytechnic institute is the One of the best Diploma in Engineering of Rajshahi Education Board Bangladesh. Generally Rajshahi Polytechnic institute are teaching Diploma in engineering and technical Diploma engineering subject such as Civil, Computer, Electrical, Electronics, electro-medical, mechnical, mecha-tronics and Power (auto -digel ) Diploma in Engineering technology. Rajshahi polytechnic institute there are stipend facility in this technical education board Bangladesh. and also have Residential Hostel for Students. this Institute have 979 male Student and 301 female student. and also have many kind of Educative teacher in all department.

Rajshahi polytechnic  have a nice polytechnic in Bangladesh. It’s have a nice place in Bangladesh area. Rajshahi polytechnic have eight technology and already you know that. We think you are interest to admit on this polytechnic for the subject of Mechanical Engineering. Because it’s a good subject of Rajshahi Polytechnic. The other subject are also good like Computer, Civil etc. So you should try for those subject if you want to study one of them.

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Mechatronics 50

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