Satkhira polytechnic institute in Bangladesh

Satkhira polytechnic institute

Labsha, Satkhira 9400
Phone: 88-0471-65170, 01711-940279, Fax: 88-0471-65170
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G.M. Azizur Rahman

Satkhira Polytechnic institute

Satkhira polytechnic institute Information

The unique Satkhira polytechnic institute, a special Polytechnic Institute of Bangladesh. The Polytechnic Institute of Satkhira district. Mid-level technical manpower needs of the country and home to the country’s recovery imphasis one of the most dynamic institute. Satkhira Polytechnic Institute was founded in 2002. there are 640 students in this polytechnic mean 489 male student and 151 female student have this polytechnic institute. This is a nice and beautiful polytechnic in Bangladesh. This polytechnic have a nice studies. In this polytechnic have four technology. And the technology are Computer, Electronics, Environmental and Refrigeration. This all technology are so good for student. Specially for the student who read Refrigeration technology in this polytechnic.

If you like any technology of this polytechnic and you chance here then admit. Because opportunity never comes again and again. This is your chance to make or fail in your life. Would like to study or not. It’s only your diction to make your life or not.  you can get also more information this site bellow.

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Refrigeration 50

Department Name of Satkhira polytechnic institute

Computer Engineering

what is computer Engineering technology? now word the best engineering technology is computer Engineering technology. you can also know about computer engineering Latest info here.

Electronics Engineering

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Environmental Engineering

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Refrigeration and Air Condition

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