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Feni polytechnic institute

Malipur, Feni
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Md Monzurul Alam

Feni Polytechnic Institute

Feni polytechnic institute

Barisal Polytechnic Institute was establish on February 29th, 1964. It is located 500 meters east from Feni Sadar Hospital. Dhaka-Chittagong highway near the old road in a 15.97-acre campus of Civil and Mechanical Engineering Department started in Feni. With the addition of electricity in 1972, the organization eventually became the Polytechnic Institute of Feni. And the additional department of electrical engineering (1978) was form. It is usually conducted by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board. this polytechnic institute also have stupid facility and Hostel facility in this polytechnic institute. This polytechnic fully maintain by Technical education board in dhaka, bangladesh. Feni polytechnic have six department is Computer Engineering technology, Civil engineering technology, Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Power(autodigel) Engineering Architecture and Interior Design Diploma in Engineering technology in this polytechnic institute.

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General Information of Feni polytechnic institute

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Teacher's NameDesignation
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TechnologyNumber of Seats
Computer Science50
Data Telecommunication 50

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Feni polytechnic institute


Architecture and Interior Design Technology

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Civil Engineering

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Computer Engineering

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Electrical Engineering

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Mechanical engineering

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Power (Autodigel) Technology

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