Mymensingh Polytechnic Institute in Bangladesh

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Mymensingh Polytechnic Institute

Mymensingh Polytechnic Institute

Address: Maskanda, Mymensingh.

Contact number: 01714898491, 88-091-54294,

Fax: 88-091-54294, EIIN Number: 133223,


Principal: Md. Shawkat Hossein

mymensingh polytechnic institute

Mymensingh Polytechnic Institute 

Generally, Mymensingh Polytechnic Institute is a renowned educational institution in the country. It was established in 1963. There are 4,000 students studying at various technical institutes. The Institute’s mission is to build up skilled technicians.

It works under the Ministry of Education in Bangladesh. Is governed by the Board of the Institute of Technical Education. And students of the Institute are devoted to providing the best technical education, a group of people who are skilled and experienced faculty.

Mymensingh Polytechnic Institute has 7 Departments. The departments are Civil, Computer, Electronics, Electrical, Electra-medical, mechanical, and Power Technology. This polytechnic is so good in two Departments in font of these seven technologies. The two departments are Civil and Electrical.

Mymensingh Polytechnic Institute Subject List And Seats

  1. Civil – 192
  2. Computer
  3. Electrical – 192
  4. Electronics – 96
  5. Electromedical – 96
  6. Mechanical – 96
  7. Power – 96
  8. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
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Electra-medical Engineering

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Electronics Engineering

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