Munshiganj Polytechnic Institute

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Munshiganj Polytechnic Institute

Munshiganj Polytechnic Institute

Mirkadim, Munshiganj
Phone: 88-0691-63825, 01715810650, Fax: 88-0691-63825
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Dr. Shushil Kumar Pal

Munshiganj Polytechnic Institute

Munshiganj Polytechnic Institute 

Munshiganj Polytechnic Institute is one of the Best Polytechnic institutes in Munshiganj Polytechnic Institute.  Generally, this polytechnic polytechnic is fully maintained by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board, Dhaka. this polytechnic has a Stipend facility and also a seat in a Hostel for Students. Munshiganj Polytechnic Institute teaches Technical Education subjects Computer and Electronics Diploma in Engineering Technology. there are 320 students in this institute. 233 male students and 87 Female students. and also a Good Educative Engineer teaching two Department and another dept. You can know another details information find here go bellow.

There are eight departments in Munshiganj Polytechnic. These departments are so good for students. If you want to be admitted with any subject for any subject on this polytechnic. Also, this polytechnic has a Special subject and this is Electra-medical Engineering. We also know this polytechnic for this subject. Actually, this polytechnic is Special for the subject. So you should try to admit here from this subject.

General Information of Munshiganj Polytechnic Institute

Type Public
Established  2006
Administrative Staff 34
Student 2200
Location  Mirkadim, Munshiganj, Bangladesh

23.569081°N 90.485914°E

Campus Rural 
Short Name MPI


Department Name of Munshiganj Polytechnic Institute

SL  Department
01 Computer Science & Technology
02 Electrical Technology
03 Electronics Technology
04 Electromedical Technology 
05 Instrumentation & Process Control Technology
06 Civil Technology
07 Mechanical Technology
08 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology

Munshiganj Polytechnic Institute


Computer Engineering

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Electronics Engineering

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Instrumental and Process Control

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Electra-medical Engineering

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