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medical admission result

The Medical Admission Result 2024 for MBBS is the moment everyone’s been waiting for—a gateway to the world of medicine. It’s like a big announcement, revealing who gets to begin their journey toward becoming doctors. 

It signifies more than just academic achievements; it’s a central moment that drives aspiring doctors into their chosen path of healing and service. This blog dives into the excitement and importance of this result, exploring what it means for aspiring medical students and their dreams of healing and making a difference in the world.

From the medical admission result, from the nerves before the announcement to the elation or disappointment afterward, this central outcome shapes the future of these budding healthcare professionals.

Medical Admission Result 2024

We are heading to the medical admission result for 2024 which is going to be published on 11th February. The Admission Test is on 09 Feb. You can find your results on the official website. As well as you can also get your result from this page. The Directorate General of Health Services provides the medical admission result every year. 

medical admission result

First, go to the official website of DGHS. Then select the MBBS category, then enter your roll number. Then click on the result button. All after, you will able to see your medical admission result. The link is


MBBS Admission Result by SMS

You can also get the Medical Admission Result for MBBS by SMS service. It is mandatory for an applicant to give the mobile number during completing the application form. The DGHS uses that contact number to send the results individually through SMS. 

This is a convenient and quick way to get your results, especially if you don’t have immediate access to the internet. Once the results are released, you should receive an SMS from the DGHS on your registered mobile number. The message will typically contain your roll number, total marks obtained, and your merit position.

Additionally, If you’re unsure about the authenticity of the SMS, you can send a confirmation message. Simply type “DGHS RSC [your roll number]” and send it to 16222. You’ll receive a reply confirming your result details.

MBBS Merit List 2024

Candidates sit for a written admission test, covering physics, chemistry, biology, English, and general knowledge. The test scores are out of 100. A minimum of 40% marks is required to be considered for the merit list. You can get the MBBS merit list on the DGHS’s official website. You can get the merit position through an SMS too. So, don’t worry about getting the medical admission result and merit list. As soon as the result is announced, you will get the merit list 2024 here. 

medical admission result

Waiting List of Medical Admission 2024

The waiting list for medical admissions in Bangladesh comes into play after the main admission process based on the merit list is completed. Essentially, it’s a list of eligible candidates who didn’t secure a seat in their preferred medical college during the initial round but might still have a chance if seats become available.

The waiting list process will be available after the completion of the main admission merit list. DGHS will notify you if your name comes up. Then you will need to complete the admission process for that specific college within the destined timeframe. This typically involves document verification, fee payment, and other formalities.

But the several points you need to know: 

  • The waiting list process can be unpredictable and depends on the availability of vacant seats.
  • Your rank on the waiting list plays a crucial role in determining your chances of getting admission.
  • It’s essential to stay updated with the latest information about the waiting list by checking the DGHS website and official notices regularly.

Medical Admission Result Re-scrutiny Application

If you’re not satisfied with your Medical Admission Test results in Bangladesh, you have the right to apply for a re-scrutiny of your answer scripts. This process allows you to challenge the marking of your papers and potentially improve your score.

Here’s what you need to know about the Medical Admission Result Re-scrutiny Application process (Eligibility) in Bangladesh:

  • You must have appeared for the latest MBBS admission test and received your results.
  • You can only apply for re-scrutiny of specific subjects, not the entire exam.
  • There are minimum required marks for each subject to be eligible for re-scrutiny.

Application Process

The application window for re-scrutiny typically opens shortly after the official release of results and closes within a few days. When the application circular is available on, you can submit your application. You will also get that on this page and can make your application. 

You can apply for re-scrutiny through SMS or online. Here are the following steps:

  1. Type the following message with a Teletalk prepaid SIM in your phone’s messaging app: DGHS <space> RSC <space> Admission Roll Number <space> Subject Code(s) (separate multiple subjects with commas).
  2. Send the message to 16222.
  3. You’ll receive a reply with the fee amount and a PIN code.
  4. Reply with DGHS <space> RSC <space> YES <space> PIN Code <space> Contact Number to confirm your application and pay the fee. The fee for each subject re-scrutiny application is BDT 1000

The re-scrutiny process usually takes a few weeks to complete. You’ll be notified about the outcome of your application via SMS or email. If your marks are changed after re-scrutiny, your merit position might also be affected.


Medical Admission Migration Result 2024

The Medical Admission Migration Result process in Bangladesh allows students who secured seats in one medical college during the initial admission round to apply for a transfer to another college of their preference. This process typically happens after the main admission process based on the merit list is completed. 

Keep your eye on this page for the medical admission result of migration and all the details. A total of 45 seats were empty out of 4350 seats after the main admission results in 2023. A number of 289 students were canceled their admission on that year. A total of 334 students completed their transfers under the first phase of the migration program.

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