HSC Result 2024: HSC, Alim And HSC Vocational Result For All Boards

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As the academic year draws to a close, the prospect for the HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) results increases. For students who appeared in the HSC, HSC Alim, and Vocational examinations, this crucial moment can determine their academic future. This guide informs the step-by-step process to access the HSC result 2024 across all education boards. 


From patiently awaiting the official HSC result 2024 publication to navigating the designated websites, we’ll walk you through the necessary steps to obtain your result. Discover how to select your board, provide essential information, and ensure a smooth online result retrieval process. Empower yourself with knowledge and gain access to your well-deserved academic cultures.

hsc result

From Dhaka to Chittagong, Rajshahi to Barisal, Sylhet to Dinajpur, and all other educational boards in between, the HSC results bring the entire nation together in celebrating the achievements of future leaders, scholars, and professionals. The results showcase the collective effort of students, teachers, and the education system as a whole, highlighting excellence in the field of education.


HSC Result 2024 Publish Date

The eagerly awaited HSC Exam Result Publish Date for 2024 is just around the corner. HSC result 2024 publishing date is. Students, parents, and educators are filled with anticipation as they prepare to celebrate the achievements of the class of 2024. 

The HSC exam will be held on. Generally, it is held in April over the year. But due to a pandemic, it is postponed and is now heading in August. HSC exam 2023 was held with a short syllabus given by the education board authority. The result is generally published 3 months after the exam finishing time.


HSC Routine 2024 

The HSC Routine for the year 2024 is highly anticipated by students across the country. This comprehensive schedule will outline the dates and times of the examinations, enabling students to plan their studies and revise effectively for this crucial milestone. HSC routine 2024 has been published. Check it below: 

HSC exam routine 2023

HSC exam routine 2023
HSC exam routine 2024

HSC Routine 2024 PDF

The HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) routine for 2024 is also available in the form of a PDF document, providing students with important information about the examination schedule. The HSC routine is a crucial resource for students, as it outlines the dates and times of the exams for each subject. It helps students plan their study schedules, manage their time effectively, and prepare for exams accordingly. 


HSC Routine 2024 PDF


The PDF format ensures easy accessibility and allows students to download and print the routine for reference.

HSC Alim Routine 2024:

The HSC Alim Routine for the year 2024 has been published for students pursuing Islamic studies. This routine will provide them with a clear schedule for their exams, helping them prepare effectively and confidently for their upcoming assessments.

HSC Alim Routine 2023

HSC Alim Routine 2023
HSC Alim Routine 2024

HSC Alim Routine 2024 PDF

The HSC Alim routine for 2024 has been made available in the form of a PDF document, offering students studying in Islamic religious institutions important information about their examination schedule. The Alim routine is an essential resource for students, providing them with the dates and times of their exams for each subject. This allows students to plan their study schedule, allocate time for revision, and prepare effectively for the exams. 


Alim Routine 2024 PDF


The PDF format ensures easy access to the routine, allowing students to download and print it for reference whenever needed.


HSC Result 2024 Via Online (Full Process)

You can get your HSC result 2024 online and by SMS. You can use this website http://www.educationboardresults.gov.bd/  to check your HSC exam result. When you open the Education Board result website, you will see a form like this.

HSC result 2023
Get HSC Result


This is the official website for getting board results. You have to select the “HSC/Alim” option in the examination type. Then have to select the year in which you completed your exam. Then select your board.

Then put your roll and registration number correctly in the given box. Then a numeric captcha you have to solve in the end. It’s nothing but just a simple addition. Then after clicking the “Submit” button, you will be able to see your HSC result 2024 with the grade sheet.

HSC result 2023
HSC result 2024

One thing you have to keep in mind is that this shows you the individual results. So you have to put your genuine information while filling up the form. Also, you have to concentrate on it and have to fill it up correctly. Otherwise, a simple mistake will show you an error in getting your result.

Clicking on the “Reset” button will reload that page and all the given information will vanish.  

To get admission results for HSC admission 2024, visit here: HSC admission result 2024.


Checking HSC Result 2024 Through SMS (Short Message Service)

A little earlier, we explained how you can get your HSC/Alim/Equivalent result online. You also can get your HSC result through SMS service

You can easily get your HSC result 2024 via SMS. And the method of getting HSC results is much easier than getting them online. First, go to the SMS option on your mobile and Type

HSC <space> Board name <space> Roll <space> Year. Then send it to 16222

Type HSC, then put a space. Then type the first 3 letters of your board. The letters must be in capital letter format. Then again give a space. Then put your HSC roll number. Then again space and type the year in which you completed your exam. After all, send it to 16222. This tactic is constant for all the education boards in Bangladesh. 

The boards are-


See here for an example of a district-wise board. Suppose your board is BARISAL. Your HSC roll is 123321 and you did the HSC exam in 2021. For that, you have to type HSC BAR 123321 2021. Then send the SMS to 16222

For the Madrasah board results, it will be ALIM MAD 123321 2021 and then have to send it to 16222.

If you are looking for HSC-vocational results, you have to type like this- HSC TEC 123321 2021. Then send it to 16222.

In the SMS service, you will get your result as the subject and its grade. You can use any of these two processes. At the time of publishing the results, lots of students try to get their results online. It creates huge pressure. That’s why sometimes the server goes down and it can not take the load to show the results maximum times.

In this situation, you can try the SMS process. You can also try the online procedure.

HSC Result on Different Boards

The HSC result 2024(Higher Secondary Certificate) is an eagerly awaited milestone for students across various educational boards. Whether it’s the Alim result for the Madrasah Education Board or the Vocational result for the Technical Education Board, students eagerly await their outcomes. Each board conducts its examinations, and the results are published separately. Students must check their respective board’s official website to access their HSC results and obtain information on grades and scores. 

HSC Result Dhaka Board

Every year, a huge number of students participate in the HSC. A total of 1,07,569 students participated in the HSC exam 2022. A total of 62,421 students for GPA of 5.00 in the HSC in Dhaka board. The HSC pass rate in 2022 was 87.83 percent under the Dhaka board. The result was quite good on the Dhaka board.

HSC Result Rajshahi board

In 2022, 61,762 candidates participated in the HSC. The number of students who scored GPA-5.00 in the HSC was about 21,855. It is the second highest number of GPA-5 all over the board. And it belongs to the Rajshahi board. The passing rate was about 81.60 percent out of 100 percent. This was not a good percentage.  HSC result 2024.

HSC Result Chattogram Board

Here are the result statistics of the Chattogram board last year. The total number of HSC candidates was about 19,648. However, the attendance was about 19,270 in the HSC. The number of students who scored GPA-5.00 in the HSC was 12,670. In that year, the pass rate was 80.50 percent out of 100 percent. And it had one of the lowest passing rates all over the board. Now see the details about the HSC result 2024 for the Chattogram board. 

HSC Result Comilla Board

In HSC, the Comilla board performs very well continuously. In 2022, the total number of candidates was 44,192. The number of students who participated in the HSC was about 43,043. Many students got GPA-5. The number of students who claimed GPA-5.00 was about 14,991. We can highly mention that the passing rate of the Comilla board was the highest of all over the boards in 2022. The pass rate was 90.72 percent.

HSC Result Dinajpur Board

HSC result 2024 is about to be published. Dinajpur board result of HSC stands average every year. In 2022, the total number of HSC candidates was about 47,853. Out of them, 46,758 students participated in the HSC. The number of students who got GPA-5.00 in HSC was about 11,830 in the Dinajpur board. The passing rate was not good. Last year, it was 79.08 percent. It was the lowest result of all boards. 

HSC Result Sylhet Board

According to the HSC result 2022, the number of students who appeared for the HSC examination was about 26,292 on the Sylhet board. However, the number of students who participated in the HSC was 25,581. Many students scored GPA-5 on that exam. The students who scored a GPA of 5.00 in the HSC were about 4,871. The passing rate was not so bad. The pass of the Sylhet board last year was 81.40 percent.

HSC Result Jessore Board

A total of 70,702 students registered for the HSC examination in the Jessore board. In the exam, total attendance was about 69,032. The number of students who got a GPA of 5.00 on their HSC exam was about 18,703. The pass rate was 83.95 percent on the Jessore board. Get HSC result 2023.

HSC Result Mymensingh Board

Every year, the Mymensingh board performs well in both SSC and HSC. In 2022, the total number of HSC candidates was about 37,135. Out of them, about 36,399 students participated in the HSC. The students who scored a GPA of 5.00 in the HSC exam 2022 were 5,028 in number. The pass rate was not so good. It was about 80.32 percent on the Mymensingh board. Now it’s time to get HSC result 2023 for the Mymensingh board.

HSC Result Barisal Board

Last year, a total of 36,683 candidates registered for the HSC. Out of them, a total of 35,758 students sat for the HSC board exam. About 7,386 students got a GPA of 5.00 in their HSC exam. The pass rate was about 86.95 percent. The result of the Barisal board in 2022 was good. Now it’s time for HSC result 2024.



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