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hsc admission result

The HSC Admission Result 2024 has finally been unveiled, marking a significant moment for students across the country. This year’s admission process for the 2024 session has been made smoother and more accessible through the innovative xiclassadmission system, which has revolutionized the way students apply to colleges. With the introduction of this centralized platform, the HSC Admission Result holds immense importance as it opens the doors to a multitude of opportunities for aspiring students.

The xiclassadmission system has streamlined the admission process for all colleges, offering students a convenient and user-friendly interface to explore their options. It enables students to browse various colleges, compare courses, and make informed decisions about their academic future. With just a few clicks, students can select their desired colleges, indicate their preferences, and submit their applications seamlessly.

hsc admission result

In this article, we will inform you about the HSC Admission Result 2024 and the xiclassadmission system, highlighting its advantages to students seeking admission to all colleges. We will discuss how this digital platform simplifies the complex process of college selection, application, and admission.

HSC Admission Date:

The HSC admission 2024 date has not been announced yet. It will be announced after the SSC result 2024 publication. It will be determined by the authority of the Ministry of Education. 

The HSC Admission Exam Date holds immense significance in the lives of students aspiring to pursue higher education. This eagerly anticipated date marks a crucial milestone, as it determines their eligibility for admission into colleges and universities. It is a day when months of preparation and hard work culminate, and students showcase their knowledge and skills. 

The exam date is typically set by the educational board or authority, and it is a day filled with anticipation, nervousness, and determination. Students strive to perform their best, as their results on this day can shape their future academic pursuits and open doors to a world of opportunities.


Apply For HSC Admission Online

To apply for HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) admission online in Bangladesh, you can follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official website: Go to the official website of the Education Board of Bangladesh (http://www.educationboard.gov.bd/) or the respective education board’s website (e.g., Dhaka Education Board, Chittagong Education Board, etc.).

          Or you can go through board-wise websites. 

  1. Dhaka Education Board: http://dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd/
  2. Chittagong Education Board: http://bise-ctg.portal.gov.bd/
  3. Rajshahi Education Board: http://rajshahieducationboard.gov.bd/
  4. Barisal Education Board: http://www.barisalboard.gov.bd/
  5. Sylhet Education Board: http://sylhetboard.gov.bd/
  6. Jessore Education Board: http://www.jessoreboard.gov.bd/
  7. Comilla Education Board: http://comillaboard.portal.gov.bd/
  • Find the admission section: Look for the “Admission” or “Online Admission” section on the website. It is usually located on the homepage or in the main navigation menu.
  • Select the desired education board: If you are applying to a specific education board, select that board from the provided options. Each board may have its own website or section for online admissions.
  • Read the instructions and guidelines: Carefully read all the instructions, guidelines, and eligibility criteria provided on the admission portal. Make sure you understand the requirements and deadlines for the application process.
  • Create an account: If required, create an account on the admission portal by providing your personal details, such as name, email address, phone number, and any other information requested. Create a username and password to access the portal.
  • Fill in the application form: Access the online application form and provide the necessary information accurately. This typically includes personal details, educational background, choice of college or institution, group or subject selection, and any additional information required.
  • Upload supporting documents: Prepare scanned copies or digital versions of the required documents, such as your recent passport-sized photograph, academic transcripts or mark sheets, birth certificate, National ID card, and any other documents specified by the education board. Upload these documents as per the guidelines provided.
  • Review and submit: Carefully review all the information you have entered in the application form and ensure its accuracy. Check if all the necessary documents have been uploaded. Make any necessary corrections or additions. Once you are satisfied, submit the application form.
  • Pay the application fee: Some education boards may require you to pay an application fee. Follow the instructions provided on the website to pay the fee online through the available payment methods. Keep a record of the payment confirmation for future reference.
  • Print or save the acknowledgment: After submitting the application, you may receive an acknowledgment or confirmation page. Save a copy of this page or take a printout for your records. This will serve as proof of your successful application.
  • Follow up and wait for the result: After the submission deadline, wait for the announcement of the admission results. Regularly check the official website or any communication channels specified by the education board to know the status of your application.

Please note that the above steps are a general guideline. It’s important to visit the official website of the respective education board or the Education Board of Bangladesh for accurate and specific instructions regarding online HSC admission in Bangladesh.


HSC Admission Result Merit List Publish Date & Links

The HSC admission result merit list is highly anticipated by students seeking admission to higher secondary education. While the specific publish date and links may vary depending on the educational board or authority, candidates are encouraged to regularly visit the official website for updates. These websites serve as reliable sources for accessing the HSC admission result, and merit list, ensuring transparency and fairness in the admission process. Students should stay informed and check the official platforms for the latest information on results and admission procedures.HSC admission result merit list

Generally, the HSC admission results merit list is published in three steps. 1st merit list for the students for HSC 2024 has been published on May 2024. It was the first step. 2nd merit list was announced on 12 January this year. And the 3rd HSC admission result merit list was announced on 18 January 2024. And it is the last step. 


Go to this website to apply for XI admission- http://xiclassadmissiongovbd.com/apply-online/


Check HSC Admission Result Online (Full Process)

To check the HSC admission result online in Bangladesh, follow the step-by-step process outlined below:

Step 1: Access the Official Website

Visit the official website of the respective education board responsible for conducting HSC admissions in Bangladesh. For example, if you are under the Dhaka Education Board, you can visit their official website.

Step 2: Navigate to the HSC Admission Result Section

Look for the “HSC Admission Result” or a similar section on the website’s homepage. Usually, it is prominently displayed during the admission season. Click on the link to proceed.

Step 3: Select Your Desired Option

On the HSC admission result page, you may encounter different options based on the available search criteria. For instance, you might be able to search by roll number, registration number, or other personal details. Select the option that is applicable to you.

Step 4: Enter the Required Information

Enter the necessary details in the designated fields. Make sure to input the correct information to ensure accurate results. Typically, you will be asked to provide your roll number, registration number, or other specific identification details.

Step 5: Verify the Information 

Double-check the information you have entered to ensure its accuracy. Verify that there are no errors or typos that could affect the search results.

Step 6: Submit and View the Result 

Once you are confident that the information you entered is correct, click on the “Submit” or “View Result” button. This action will initiate the result search process.

Step 7: View and Download the Result 

After submitting your information, the HSC admission result will be displayed on the screen. Take note of your result, including your merit position or any other relevant information. It is recommended to take a screenshot or print a copy for future reference.

Step 8: Follow Additional Instructions (If Applicable) 

Read any additional instructions provided along with the result. These instructions may include details on further admission procedures, required documents, and deadlines. Follow the instructions carefully to proceed with the admission process smoothly.

It is crucial to note that the specific process may vary slightly depending on the education board, so it is always advisable to follow the instructions provided on their official website.

HSC Admission Process (Add Payment Process and Gateways)

If you are interested in being admitted into class xi or college after SSC, you have to apply online or through SMS. You have to select at least 5 colleges on your application form. If you aren’t pleased with those 5 colleges, you can select max 10 colleges on your list. You have to serialize your college list according to your priority for those colleges. The college you want to get yourself admitted, it will be on the first of the list. 

Whether you are going to take yourself admitted into a college, you have to pay an amount for the application. You can apply in two ways. Online and through SMS. 

  • If you are trying online way, it will cost a total of TK 150 for all the colleges. 
  • If you use the SMS system for your application, it will take an amount of TK 120 for each college. 


In the case of applying through SMS, you have to use a Teletalk sim for the payment. 

The process of paying through SMS for the application is given below:


CAD <space> College / Madrasha EIIN <space> First 3 Letters of your Board <space> SSC Roll <space> Passing Year of SSC / Equivalent Exam <space> SSC Registration Number <space> 1st Letter of Shift <space> 1st Letter of Version <space> Quota Code (if Applicable).

Then send it to 16222.

After that, Teletalk sim will send you a PIN number. You have to save this pin. Then you have to send an SMS again to confirm your payment. Turn on the message option and type this- 


CAD <space> Yes <space> PIN (which Teletalk provides) <space> sim number.

Then send it to 16222.

After that, TK.150 will be subtracted from your sim. 

You can make your payment through Bkash, Nagad, or Upay if you make an application online to get admitted into college. The process is pretty simple. You can easily make your payment online. 


Payment with Bkash: 

Bkash bill pay

Bkash bill pay
Bkash bill pay

All the sequences you can see above the pictures are the process of making payment for the application. 

Payment with UPay:

You can make your payment with UPay. Check below for the procedure:

UPay bill pay
UPay bill pay

Payment with Nagad

You can make your application payment through Nagad. Here is the process of applying and making a payment with Nagad:

Nagad bill pay

Nagad bill pay
Nagad bill pay

HSC Admission Registration Fee Selected by the Board

The board has recently announced the fixed admission fee for HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) students. The fee has been set to cover various administrative costs and support the smooth admission process. It is essential for students to adhere to the prescribed fee guidelines in order to secure their enrollment and ensure a seamless academic journey.


Registration Fee for Upazila Areas

The colleges are located in the Upazila areas take TK.1000 as the fee for registration. This has been selected by the government. This is applicable to all the colleges under all upazilas in Bangladesh


Registration Fee for District Sadar Colleges

The registration fees for the colleges that are situated under District Sadar, their fees are different from those of upazila colleges. It is about TK.2000. This amount is selected by the government for the District Sadar Colleges.  Fees vary from district to district.



In conclusion, the announcement of the HSC admission result marks a significant milestone in the academic journey of students. The result serves as a reflection of their hard work and dedication throughout their school years. It is a time of celebration for those who have secured their desired admissions and a time of reflection and resilience for those who may need to explore alternative options. Regardless of the outcome, it is important for students to remember that this is just the beginning of their educational journey, and with determination and perseverance, they can achieve their goals.

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