SSC Dakhil Exam Routine 2024 Madrasah Board

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SSC Dakhil Exam Routine

SSC Dakhil exam routine 2024. Is that what you are looking for? Don’t worry! We have mentioned the Dakhil routine published by the Madrasah Board. The release of the routine has been delayed this year due to the coronavirus epidemic. 

ssc dakhil routine

However, Dakhil Madrasah and Dakhil Vocational Routine have been published by the Madrasa Board So without further ado, check out the routine and download it.

Dakhil Exam Routine 2024

Subject name Subject code Exam date Time
Quran majid and Tajvid 101 15-09-2022


Physics 130 28-09-2022


Hadith Sharif 102 18-09-2022


Islamic History 109 28-09-2022


Chemistry 131 01-10-2022


Tazvid Nasar and Nazam

(Mozabbid Group)

119 01-10-2022



(Hifzul Quran Group)

121 01-10-2022



However, SSC exam routines and SSC vocational routines will be published very soon.

These routines are published from the three boards of, and, respectively.

Effects of coronavirus on SSC Dakhil Exam 2024

SSC exams are usually held in February every year. The impact of the coronavirus has spread worldwide, including in Bangladesh. 

Therefore, it was not possible to take the test in February this year. Note that although it was possible to hold the SSC exam last year, the HSC exam was postponed.

Subsequently, HSC candidates have passed without any examination. 

SSC Dakhil Routine 2024 Madrasah Board – PDF Download

SSC dakhil exam routine
Dakhil Exam Routine 2022

Finally, it’s time to download the Madrasa Board routine. The routine of the Dakhil exam has been published by the Madrasa Board.

We have two easy ways to download routines. You can download this routine from our website as well as directly from the official website of the Madrasa Board.

Therefore, download your exam routine from The routine is mentioned below. Watch the routine and download in image or pdf format.

Routine PDF Download

Madrasah Board SSC Routine Short Highlights

The routine published by the Madrasa Board is mentioned below. Check out these short highlights of the routine to prepare for the exam. Probable date of publication of routine and examination:

  • Routine Published date: 08-10-22
  • Exam Start Date: 15-09-2022
  • Practical Exam Date: 10-10-2022 to 15-10-2022
  • Exam End Date: 15-10-2022

How To PDF Routine Download for Madrasah Board

Enter the link above to download it. We have already mentioned the link to download the routine. Now you can download the routine from our website or by entering the website of the Madrasa Board.  You can also install the “SSC Routine 2022” app from the Google Play Store to download the routine. You can also collect routines from these apps.

Dakhil Vocational Exam Routine 2024

In addition to general students, a large number of students study in Madrasa Dakhil and Vocational Dakhil.

So the dakhil routine is very important. Considering this huge number of students, we have published the routine of Dakhil Vocational on our website.

You can easily download the vocational routine by entering the mentioned link.

SSC Routine 2024

The SSC examination is the most important academic examination in Bangladesh. Numerous students participate in this test. A large number of students became desperate to download as soon as the SSC routine was published.

So easily download the SSC routine published this year.


I hope you have found the SSC Dakhil Exam Routine 2024  and downloaded it in PDF format. So enjoy your new published routine.

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