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ssc exam routine

The SSC Exam Routine 2024 announcement has already been published. Since then, it has started somewhat late every year. After the SSC Exam 2023, we come ahead to the SSC Exam 2024. However, the SSC exam routine for 2024 has been published on 21 December 2023. The SSC exam will also be held on time.  However, soon after the launch of the educational institution, the Board of Secondary and Higher Education released the SSC routine.

SSC exam routine
SSC Exam Routine 2024

If you want to get a good SSC result, then quickly download the routine and prepare for the exam. So, you can download it from our website or from the official website of the Bangladesh Education Board.

SSC Exam Routine 2024 Published Date

The SSC Routine 2024 published by all the Boards of Education is mentioned here. We have linked our website with the publication of the 2024 SSC exam routine by the Bangladesh Secondary Board.

Over the years, the Board of Education has published its examination routines from November to December. As well as began testing activities in February. Let’s look at the SSC exam date according to the routine.

  • SSC Exam Start Date: 15/02/2024
  • SSC Examination End Date: 12 /03/2024
  • Practical Exam: 13 /03/2024 – 20 /03/2024
  • Practical Answer Sheet (Deadline): 27/03/2024
  • SSC Exam time: 2.00 pm- 5.00 pm
  • Exam Duration: 03 hours

Bangladesh Education Board’s own official website is Secondary-level students can collect examination routines from here. For this, you have to go to the website, go to the notice category, and download the routine.

However, the SSC CGL exam will be held on 3rd March. On the other hand, SSC CHSL results will be published within 90 days of the end of the examination. So check out the SSC exam calendar and download it now.

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SSC Routine 2024 PDF Download All Education Board

ssc exam routine 2024

SSC Exam Routine 2024
SSC Exam Routine 2024



The secondary School Certificate (SSC) routine has been published. All the education boards have published their SSC, vocational, Dakhil, and equivalent examination routines on the same day. There are ten education boards in Bangladesh. Eight are general and two are other. Bangladesh Board of Education maintains the SSC examination. It also provides JSC and SSC exams.

The other two boards are the Madrasa and Technical Education board. The Alim exam is under the control of the Madrasa board. The Vocational examination is controlled by the Technical education board. Dhaka Education Board is the main board of Bangladesh. and the other boards are- Dinajpur, Comilla, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Barisal, Chittagong board, and Mymensingh Board.

As soon as all the boards have published their equivalent exam routine. The SSC examination routine of each board has been published for you on our website. You will also find practical exam dates here. So you collect all the board routines below.

  1. SSC Exam routine 2024 download pdf all education board
  2. SSC Exam routine 2024 download pdf Dhaka Board
  3. SSC routine 2024 download pdf Jessore Board
  4. SSC Exam routine download pdf Comilla Board
  5. SSC Exam routine 2024 download pdf Rajshahi Board
  6. SSC routine pdf download 2024 Sylhet Board
  7. SSC Exam routine download pdf  Dinajpur Board
  8. SSC Exam routine download pdf Chittagong Board
  9. Dakhil Exam routine 2024 download Madrasah Board
  10. SSC Vocational Routine 2024 download

SSC Routine 2024 download image format

The SSC calendar can be collected in PDF as well as image format. Because the SSC Routine was also available for image format. You may also download the image format routine by following the link below:

SSC Routine 2024 download image

Notice for SSC Practical 2024


SSC Vocational Routine 2024 from Technical Board

Bangladesh Technical Education Board published the SSC Routine for SSC Vocational students. Collect the SSC vocational exam routine from This is the official site for all technical education in Bangladesh.

SSC Vocational Routine 2024 PDF 


SSC Dakhil Routine 2024 from Madrasah Board

Dakhil routine 2024 published by Madrasah education board. SSC & Dakhil exams started on the same date. The madrasah education board is the only madrasah board in the country. It is an important board for this country.

SSC Alim Routine 2024 PDF


SSC Routine 2024 from Dhaka board

SSC exam routine 2024 Dhaka board has been published. It also published an education notice. Dhaka Education Board also published the DIBS exam routine with their SSC routine.

SSC Routine 2024 from Rajshahi board

Rajshahi board published their HSC exam notice. It also provides the JSC exam, SSC exam, and SSC exam also.

SSC Routine 2024 from Comilla board

Comilla board announced their SSC exam routine 2024. This year your exam starts on 3rd April. It also announced the SSC exam routine 2024. They also provide the JSC exams.

SSC Routine 2024 from Jessore Board

Jessore board SSC Routine published on their official site. This education board published also the JSC, and SSC routine for these board students.

SSC Routine 2024 from Barisal Board

Barisal Board SSC Routine published by Barisal Education Board. You can download all board SSC Routine 2024 from this site.

SSC Routine 2024 from Dinajpur Board

Dinajpur Education Board published the SSC routine for their student. It also published their routine JSC, and SSC examinee.

SSC Routine 2024 from Chittagong Board

SSC Routine for Chittagong board published by Chittagong education board. It published JSC, SSC routine for Chittagong board students.

SSC Routine 2024 from Sylhet Board

Sylhet board SSC routine published by Sylhet Education board. Sylhet board students can collect their exam routine. JSC, SSC board exam routine published from Sylhet board.

How To Get the SSC Admit Card?

If you are an SSC candidate, it is better to look for the Admit card after getting the routine. Don’t worry! You will get SSC and equivalent examination admit cards from your educational institution. You just keep in touch with the teachers on a regular basis.

How To Get My SSC Exam Hall?

The teachers of the institution will inform you about your SSC examination center. In each center, the examination hall will be determined according to the roll number of the examinees. So you can go to the test center and follow their notice board.

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