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Mouilvbazar Polytechnic institute

Mouilvbazar Polytechnic institute, Moulvibazar
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Mr. MM Ali Suza

Mouilvbazar Polytechnic institute

Mauilvbazar Polytechnic Institute

Maulvibazar Polytechnic Institute in 1960, the Directorate of Technical Education was established to promote the development of technical and vocational education. The Department of Technical Education degree, diploma and technical education, the rapid development and expansion of the level of trade is working.

With increasing levels of academic adapt to a “statutory board” was keenly felt the need for the establishment. And a statutory body, such as “East Pakistan Technical Education Board” was established by the Act. Legislative Assembly of East Pakistan in 1967 to No. 1 in Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). this polytechnic fully maintain Technical education board in bangladesh. this is a one of the Best Diploma in Engineering. Mauilvbazar polytecnic institute is a best Educative Institute in Maulvbazar.

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Male Hostel Seat : N/A
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Institute Type : Public



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