What is data communication ?

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What is data communication ? – Informaion Technology

Communication is no data or information from one place to another place, we constantly exchange or provide the means to exchange information with each other or exchange information without giving myself a moment that we could go to a country does not have as much to the communication system the more developed to improve the land. The more developed a country is more prosperous, it was important to make the data communication.

What is date communication
Why do devoloped this technology:

1. Readily available world wide job easily.
2. At home in any country in the world can be done very easily.
3. Moreover, it is increasingly being driven to the step by step development of all countries around the world are using.

 Benefits :

1. Easily the information is readily available to anyone in the world.
2. The game can be seen very easily in any country directly.
3. Any country currently talking with the people.

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