SSC Result 2024: SSC, Dakhil And Technical Board Results For All Boards

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The Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination is a significant milestone in the academic lives of countless students. As the exam season comes to an end, the next eagerly awaited step is obtaining the SSC exam results. However, navigating the process of accessing these results can be confusing and overwhelming for many.

In this article, we present a comprehensive guide that outlines the step-by-step process to get your SSC result 2024. We will explore the various channels and methods available, including online platforms, official websites, and mobile applications, ensuring that you have all the necessary information to effortlessly access your results.

SSC Result 2023
SSC Result

Furthermore, we will address common concerns such as result-related anxieties, understanding the grading system, and exploring options for re-evaluation or reappearing in exams. We aim to provide clarity, guidance, and peace of mind during this crucial phase of your academic journey.

So, join us as we unravel the mystery of obtaining your SSC exam results and empower you to confidently embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. 


SSC Exam Result Publish Date

SSC Exam 2024 was held on 30th February and ended on 20th March this year. Basically, the SSC result is published 2 months from the exam time. SSC result 2024 and Dakhil result 2024 will be published on 12 May 2024. 

SSC Routine 2024

The SSC routine exam 2024 has been published for the examinees. You can get the SSC exam routine now. Check below for the exam routine. 

ssc routine 2024
SSC Routine 2024

Here is the SSC practical exam routine:

ssc routine

SSC Dakhil Routine 2024:

dakhil routine 2024

The rescheduled SSC exam routine 2024 for all boards including the SSC practical exam:

dakhil exam routine

SSC Result on Different Boards

The SSC (Secondary School Certificate) results in different boards in Bangladesh are eagerly awaited by students and their families. These results determine their academic performance and future educational opportunities. The boards include Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Comilla, and many more. The results are published online, and successful candidates celebrate their achievements while others strive to improve in the next examination.

Dhaka Board SSC Result

Dhaka board stands in a good position with its SSC result every year. Last year, 49,530 students achieved GPA-5.00 in the Dhaka board. This was a remarkable number of overall boards. The passing rate was 90.03 percent. 

Rajshahi Board SSC Result 

Last year, approximately 27,709 students scored GPA-5.00 in the SSC. Constantly, exceptional results exist in the Rajshahi board every year. But last year, this board’s passing rate was not so good. The passing rate of the Rajshahi board was 85.47 percent in last year’s SSC result. 

Chattogram Board SSC result 

The SSC result of the Chattogram last year was average. About 1,61,122 students attended the exam in 2022. The number of students who got a GPA-5.00 was 12,791. The GPA was pretty low. The passing rate was 87.53 percent out of 100 percent. The passing rate is not constant. It gets up and down every year. 

Comilla board SSC result 

Comilla board performs exceptional results in maximum time. Last year, about 2,19,704 students took part in the SSC exam. And about 2,11,503 students have passed. About 14,626 students scored GPA-5.00 on it. The passing rate was 91.28 percent out of 100 percent. And this was an eye-catching pass rate in 2022. 

Barisal Board SSC result 

In 2022, about 1,1300,6 candidates performed in the SSC exam in the Barisal board. About 1,01,917 students passed it. This was a pretty good result for the Barisal board. A number of 51,463 were boys and 50,454 were girls around the passed students.


The number of students who got a GPA-5.00 was 10,219. The ratio between the examinee and the GPA-5 scorer was not much appreciated. The passing rate of this board was 89.61 percent in 2022. Overall, the Barisal board performed an average result in 2022.

Dinajpur Board SSC Result 

Last year, the result of the Dinajpur board was not exceptional. The total examinee was 1,96,223. And passed 1,93,412 candidates out of them. The number of students who have scored a GPA-5.00 in SSC was 17,578. Last year the passing rate was 81.14 percent out of 100 percent. The passing rate was exceptional.

Sylhet Board SSC Result

The passing rate of the Sylhet board last year was 78.82 percent. The total candidate was about 1,19,553 in the SSC exam in 2022. And passed 1,15,700 students out of them. GPA-5.00 was 4,834. But the GPA was pretty low according to the passed students. 

Jessore Board SSC Result

Last year, about 1,83,585 students took part in the SSC board exam. And about 1,66,439 students passed it. The passing rate was 95.03 percent out of 100 percent. The total number of candidates who passed with a GPA-5.00 was about 16,461. This board’s passing rate was the highest 

Mymensingh Board SSC Result

The number of SSC candidates was 1,30,863 in 2022. About 1,27,618 candidates passed from it. The passing rate was about 89.02 percent out of 100 percent. The number of candidates who have scored a GPA-5.00 was about 10,092 in the Mymensingh board.


You can see, the GPA was pretty low. But the pass rate was remarkable and it was the highest of all boards.

Madrasah Board Result of Dakhil

In 2022, the total number of candidates was about 2,92,569. Out of them, about 2,22,145 candidates passed. The passing rate was 82.22 out of 100 percent. About 14,313 candidates got a GPA-5.00. The last year’s result of the Madrasah board was average.

Technical Board result(Vocational)

Technical board is another part of the whole education system. For those who are studying in technical, their SSC(vocational) result will be shown under the Technical board. Last year, the number of students who got GPA-5.00 in SSC(Vocational) was about 5,187. The passing rate was about 89.55 out of 100 percent

SSC Result 2024 Via Online(Full Process)

Generally, SSC results will be published about 2 months after the SSC exam every year. But the time is not constant. 

Go to this website: when you are about to search for your SSC result, you will see a table.

You have to select SSC/Dakhil in the Examination box on the table. Then you have to select the year you have examined. Then the board option comes. You have to select the board’s name that you have registered for your SSC exam in the board option. Next, you have to give the SSC exam roll, and registration number in those boxes. A simple captcha or math addition will be displayed next. You have to put the right answer on it. 

See an example:

SSC Result Via Online
SSC Result Via Online

Look at the image given up. You have to fill up the table like this with your own information. After clicking the “Submit” button, your SSC/Dakhil result will appear. You will be able to see your result with the grade. If you click the “Reset” button, that web page will take a reload and all your given information will definitely be cleaned. 

Get and check your result here:

Bangladesh Education Board Result

Examination :
Year :
Board :
Roll :
Reg: No :
8 + 5 =

Checking SSC Result 2024 Through SMS (Short Message Service)

So far, we explained how you can get your SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent results online. Now we are going to elaborate on how to get these results via SMS service on mobile phones. 

The method of getting SSC results via SMS is very easy. First, go to the SMS option. Then type 

SSC <space> Board name <space> Roll <space> Year. Then send it to 16222. That means you have to type SSC, and then give a space. Then type the 1st 3 words of your own board name.

See an example:

Suppose you are under the Rajshahi board. Your SSC roll is 151999. The passing year is 2021.

So, you have to type: SSC RAJ 151999 2021 and send it to 16222

After that, give a space and type your SSC roll number. Then again give a space and type the year you have examined. Then send it to 16222. There are 9 district-wise boards. When you are about to send a message, the board name should be of 3 1st words and of capital letters. The 9 boards are-



If you’re under the Madrasah board, you have to type Dakhil<space>MAD<space>Roll<space>Year and send it to 16222.

For example- Dakhil MAD 151999 2021 and have to send it to 16222.

If you have given your SSC under the Technical board, you have to type the message like this- 

SSC<space>TEC<space>Roll<space>Year and then have to send the message to 16222


SSC TEC 151999 2021. Then send it to 16222. This is all about SSC(Vocational) results.

It just shows the grade letter for every subject when you send a message for the result. In this way, it works faster than online. Because, after publishing the result in the whole country, all the candidates try to check their results. The maximum time servers go down and it can’t take the load. That’s why the server is often unable to take the input.  

In conclusion, you can follow a few simple steps to obtain the SSC result. You need to visit the official website of your respective education board or the official result publication website. By providing the necessary information, such as your examination roll number and registration number, you can access their results online. Additionally, the results are also made available through SMS services and by visiting your respective schools or examination centers. By following these procedures, you can easily get SSC results.

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