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HSC admission circular

HSC Admission Circular 2024, and HSC Admission Notice are inevitable for those who are trying to admit into college. Are you waiting for HSC Admission Circular 2024? If you answer yes you will get the college’s admission circular with complete instructions from here. this is the right place for you to know about HSC admission.

Every eligible student has two available options to apply for the HSC admission of 2024. Students will be able to apply by the online method and another way is the SMS method.

HSC admission circular 2024 will be published soon. You can get all HSC admissions from here. So, you can know about the HSC Admission Circular, Admission Schedule, Application Instructions, how to pay the admission fee, the online application process, the HSC Admission Result, and what kind of papers you need.

In this post, we will try to provide complete instructions and information about HSC admission 2024 and HSC Admission Notice. For HSC admission, the Ministry of Education boards have added several new terms and rules.

HSC admission circular

Here we have mentioned easy and simple guidelines to complete your college admission 2024 online application system. So, keep reading this post and follow our complete simple procedures.

HSC Admission Circular 2024 for BD

Students will be able to choose a maximum of 10 colleges. It is compulsory to select at least 5 colleges here. HSC Admission Results 2024 will be published on the same day. According to the HSC admission circular 2024 apply online process available here.

Now look at a summary of the HSC Admission Circular 2024 below:

 First-Time Application:

  • Application Date:   /  /24 to   /   /24
  • Result Date (1st Part):    /  /24
  • Application Date of Only Re-scrutiny Students:    /  /24 to   /  /24

Second-Time Application:

  • Application Date (2nd Part):
  • Result Date (2nd Part):
  • Application Date of Only Re-scrutiny Students:

Third Time Application

  • Application Date (3rd Part):
  • Result Date (3rd Part):
  • Application Date of Only Re-scrutiny Students:

Admission and Class

  • Admission Date:
  • Class Start Date:

HSC admission notice 2024 for BD 

After publishing the SSC result, students who passed the SSC exam 2024. Therefore, They will be able to be admitted to College. HSC Admission Notice-2024 has been published on date *********. HSC Admission will start from *********, announced Chairman of the Board of Secondary and Higher Education Mohammad Ziaul Haque.


HSC admission notice

Admission Rules – for HSC Students

The Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has issued some rules for HSC Admission 2024. According to these rules, every examinee has to apply for HSC admission.


HSC admission rules

All students must apply for HSC admission by following these rules. The HSC admission guideline system is very simple. Follow our complete guidelines to know this process.

All Colleges’ HSC Admission Qualification and Group Selection

If a student has passed the SSC or equivalent examination in 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 and if they pass from Bangladesh Open University in 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 then those students will be eligible for admission to class XI of the college in the 2024 season.

On the other hand, if any student passes SSC or equivalent from overseas, they will be eligible for admission. The Business Studies Department students are eligible to be admitted to the Business Studies or Humanity group.

The Science Department students will be able to be admitted to Science or Humanity (Arts) or Business Studies (Commerce) groups. The Humanity Department students will be able to be admitted to the Humanity or Business Studies group. Under an open university and Ten educational boards, all SSC-passed students can get HSC Admission 2024.

In the Local area colleges, 80% of seats are available for all groups of students, and 10 % of seats are reserved for associated colleges. As they want, they will admit any student. Also, 10 students will be divided into 3 quotas.

Among 10% of students, 3% of students out of divisional, Freedom Fighter Quota 5%, and the Ministry of Education 2%. Merit list students will be selected based on the best GPA of 5.00 in the HSC Admission 2024 period.

Those students who have got a GPA of 5.00 in SSC or equivalent exam results in 2024, will get the highest point in all subjects. The merit list will be fixed depending on grade points and GPA.

The authorities set a dateline for the admission of SSC students across the country. In time, those who cannot be admitted within time, cannot be admitted future time any future Public colleges.

Students will be admitted based on SSC results. Initially, college selection is through an online and SMS system. Every student can select a maximum of 10 college names.

How to apply for HSC Admission Online Form 2024?

Are you thinking about “How to apply HSC Admission Online form?”. Don’t worry about this issue. Online Admission application is a very simple method. You can watch this video to know more about this:



Students can apply via Mobile SMS & Online process. For every student have to pay a 150 TK admission fee with the online application. On the other hand, if any student wants to apply via mobile SMS then his to pay the 120 TK application fee.

HSC Admission application system included step by step. You can follow our simple steps to apply for online Admission.

HSC Admission  2024 Form Fillup step-by-step

A lot of students are not clear about XI admission applying online system. For them, we try to give a detailed overview of the online HSC admission system. Keep reading and looking.

Step 1: Before applying online you have to pay the application fee first.

Step 2: Go to the official website www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd. Now login by user ID and Password. [You will get a user when your complete the payment process]

Step 3: Now you write your SSC/Equivalent Roll Number, Board Name, Passing Year, and Registration Number. Also, with your personal details.

Step 4: You have to give a contact number that was used during payment time and also fill up the quota (if applicable)

Step 5: In this step, every student will be able to select a maximum of 10 institutions serially according to choice. Now Choose the desired institute, shift, group, and version.

Step 6: Then press on the “Application Preview” button. You will see some applied college information and now the choice list.

Step 7: Now check your online form If all the info is correct, click the “Submit” button.

Step 8: If the application is successfully submitted, the applicant will get a confirmation SMS. You will get a user ID and password via SMS which is needed if you get a chance at that college.

Step 9: Collect the username and password and download the application form for further admission-related work.

Examples of College admission form :

HSC Admissiom form

HSC application form

College Admission form


HSC Admission 2024 – online Application through SMS:

HSC Admission 2024 – Online Application system is very easy. Now Students will be able to apply Online and send SMS By Teletalk operator two ways. For five colleges you will give a 150-taka Online application fee and 120 Taka for Single College to apply for online xi class admission. Every student has to apply by Teletalk operator Prepaid SIM

First 3 Letters of Bangladesh 10 Education Board Short Name:

  • Dhaka Board =DHA
  • Rajshahi Board =RAJ
  • Comilla Board =COM
  • Jessore Board =JES
  • Chittagong Board =CHI
  • Barisal Board =BAR
  • Sylhet Board =SYL
  • Dinajpur Board =DIN
  • Madrasah Board =MAD
  • Technical Education Board =TEC

All Quota short Key letter

  1. Special Quota (Declared By Board) -SQ
  2. Freedom Fighter Quota- FQ,
  3. Education Ministry- EQ,

Group short Key Letters are Below needed for Admission

First Letter of Desired Group

For Humanities=HM, For Home Economics=HE, For Science=SC, For Business Studies=BS, For. Islamic Studies=IS

Shift short Key Letter

Day shift=D, Morning shift=M, Evening shift=E, if there are no shift-type N

Version short Key Letter

Bangla=B, English=E

Short form of CAD

College Admission

 For Applying a General Quota

Go to the mobile messages option and type:

CAD<Space>College EIIN<space> First 2 Letter of Chosen Group<space> First 3 letters of Your SSC Board<space> SSC Roll<space>Passing Year<space> Registration Number (Space) Name of Shift <space> Version send to 16222

For Example: CAD<space>158796<space>SC<space>DHA<space>3466256<space>2024<space> 786950<space>DAY<space>E<space>16222

Method 2: For Applying Particular Quota:

CAD<Space>College EIIN<space>First 2 Letter of Chosen Group<space> First 3 letters of Your SSC Board<space> SSC Roll<space>Passing Year<space> Registration Number (Space) Name of Shift<space>Version<space> Quota send to 16222

For Example: CAD<space>143756<space>SC<space>DHA<space>2734662<space>2024<space> 196853<space>DAY<space>E<space>FQ <space>16222

After successfully completing the application, the applicant will get a return SMS with a won number. Also, you will get payment information about how much TAKA you have to pay. If you want to pay the charge then write an SMS:

How to pay College Admission fees through Teletalk Operator

College Admission Fee – The payment system is very easy. After confirming your Application, please pay 150 Taka by a Teletalk Mobile – go to the message option and type:

First SMS Format:

CAD<space>DHA<space>Board<space>Board Roll<space>Passing Year<space>Reg. send to 16222

For Example: CAD<space>DHA<space>123456<space>2024<space>231345  and send to 16222

Second SMS Format:

CAD <space> YES<space>PIN Number<space>Contact Number and Send to 16222.

For Example: CAD<space>YES<space>123456<space>01745360932

You will get a return Confirmation SMS on your mobile mentioning the candidate’s Name and Track Number. SMS is important for your admission work.

HSC Admission Result 2024 for BD

After passing the SSC (Secondary School Certificate) examination, students have the option of joining a college for a two-year higher secondary education. Students will be admitted to their individual technical or polytechnical institutes.

You can get the HSC Admission Result 2024 easy and simple way from Bangladesh education’s official website,


About HSC Admission  2024, all the information has been collected from Bangladesh’s official education site:www.educationboardresults.gov.bd.If you face any problem or can’t understand any issue please know us by comment. We will try our best to aid you.

Top 10 College in Dhaka – for HSC admission

Every student finds a good educational institution for admission. So a list of the 10 best colleges of Dhaka Board is given for the students.

  1. Adamjee Cantonment College – Dhaka
  2. Notre Dame College – Dhaka
  3. Viqarunnisa Noon(Girls) College – Dhaka
  4. Rajuk Uttara Model College – Dhaka
  5. Dhaka College – Dhaka
  6. Dhaka Commerce College(DCC) –  Dhaka
  7. Bir Shrestha Nur Mohammad Public College – Dhaka
  8. Ideal   School & College – Dhaka
  9. BAF  Shaheen College – Dhaka
  10. Dhaka City College – Dhaka

Apart from these 10 colleges, there are better colleges in Dhaka Board. You can choose 10 colleges to apply to.