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electromedical engineering

Electromedical Engineering, also known as biomedical engineering or medical electronics, is a dynamic field that intersects the realms of medicine, technology, and engineering. It focuses on the development, design, and maintenance of medical devices, equipment, and technologies that improve patient care, diagnose medical conditions, and enhance overall healthcare outcomes. This Electromedical Engineering field draws upon principles from electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, computer science, and biology to create innovative solutions that address various healthcare challenges.

Diploma in Electromedical Engineering 

A Diploma in Electromedical Engineering in Bangladesh offers a comprehensive program that equips students with the skills to design, maintain, and operate medical equipment. Through practical training and theoretical knowledge, graduates contribute to advancing healthcare by ensuring the efficient functioning of critical medical devices.


Some of the major elements of a particular element of health in each country. An important part of a lot of countries are involved with it. Electromedical Engineering Technology to enhance and enrich the country is immense.

Electromedical Engineering

There is also a pretty good position in this technology job. This technology has gained a position in the country and abroad. So make yourself more developed and prosperous in this technology work. For each country, it is very easy to use and extremely essential to work all over the world, there are good institutions. Electromagnetic Engineering diploma in medical technology of both a special benefit and a very good price.

Electromedical Engineering Book List, Syllabus- PDF

A Diploma in Electromedical Engineering in Bangladesh offers a specialized pathway for students to gain practical skills in medical device maintenance, repair, and diagnostics. There are a total of 8 semesters in this course. Every semester contains different books or subjects. We have listed the 2022 Regulation and 2016 Regulation.  Here is the Elecotromedicla Engineering book list, pdf and Syllabus for every semester.

Electromedical Engineering Book List- 1st semester

SL Book/Subject Subject Code
01 Engineering Drawing  21011
02 Bangla-I  25711
03 English-I 25712
04 Physical Education & Life Skill Development 25812
05 Mathematics-I 25911
06 Physics-I 25912
07 Basic Electricity 26711
08 Human Anatomy & Physiology 28611

1st-semester syllabus- pdf


Electromedical Engineering Book List- 2nd semester

SL Book/Subject Subject Code
01 Bangla-II 25721
02 English-II 25722
03 Mathematics-II 25921
04 Physics-II 25922
05 Electrical Circuits-I 26721
06 Basic Electronics 26811
07 Basic Biomedical Engineering  28621

2nd-semester syllabus- pdf


Electromedical Engineering Book List- 3rd semester

SL Book/Subject Subject Code
01 Social Science 25811
02 Chemistry 25913
03 Mathematics-III 25931
04 Computer Office Application 28511
05 Electrical Circuits-II 26731
06 Medical Transducer and Sensors 28631
07 Operating Room Equipment 28632

3rd-semester syllabus- pdf

Electromedical Engineering


Electromedical Engineering Book List- 4th semester

SL Book/Subject Subject Code
01 Accounting  25841
02 Electrical Installation, Planning and Estimating 26741
03 DC Machine 26742
04 Electrical & Electronic Measurements-I 26752
05 Digital Electronics 26845
06 Dental Equipment 28641
07 Anesthesia and Respiratory Equipment 28641

4th-semester syllabus- pdf


Electromedical Engineering Book List- 5th semester

SL Book/Subject Subject Code
01 Principles of Marketing  25851
02 Industrial Management 25852
03 Programming in C 28567
04 AC Machine-I 26761
05 Electrical & Electrical Measurements-II 26763
06 Radiology and Imaging Equipment 28651
07 Fiber Optics and Laser in Medical Field 28652
08 Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Devices 28653

5th-semester syllabus- pdf


Electromedical Engineering Book List- 6th semester

SL Book/Subject Subject Code
01 Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Power 26764
02 AC Machine-II 26771
03 Diagnostic and Laboratory Equipment 28661
04 Microprocessor and Biomedical Application 28662
05 Testing and Maintenance Biomedical Equipment 28663
06 CAD in Biomedical Engineering 28664
07 Environmental Studies 29041

6th-semester syllabus- pdf


Electromedical Engineering Book List- 7th semester

SL Book/Subject Subject Code
01 Business Communication 25831
02 Innovation & Entrepreneurship  25853
03 Switch Gear and Protection 26773
04 Advance Biomedical Equipment  28671
05 ICU and CCU Equipment 28672
06 Biomedical Engineering Project 28673
07 Medical Physics and Nuclear Instrument 28674

7th-semester syllabus- pdf


Electromedical Engineering- 8th semester

SL         Book/Subject Subject Code
01 Industrial Attachment 28681
02 Project Presentation

You can explore biomedical engineering for medical knowledge.


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