Comilla Polytechnic Institute in Bangladesh

Comilla Polytechnic Institute

Kotbari, Comilla
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Md. Murad Hossain Mollah

Comilla Polytechnic Institute

Comilla Polytechnic Institute

Comilla Polytechnic Institute of Bangladesh in the Polytechnic. It is usually published by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board. The two shifts.

This polytechnic fully maintain by Technical education board in dhaka, bangladesh. Comilla polytechnic have six department is Computer Engineering technology, civil engineering technology, Electrical Engineering technology,Electronics engineering technology, mechanical engineering, power and auto-digel engineering  Diploma in Engineering technology in this polytechnic institute.And also more fully details information in Comilla polytechnic institute is given below.

This is a nice place of Comilla. Now a days comilla as known for cricket but diploma student known Comilla for Engineering. Comilla Polytechnic is good for all subject and definitely for Mechanical studies. This is good and strong subject of Comilla Polytechnic Institute. And also we have know that this polytechnic have a nice study place for student. So if you want to make your choice to admission on this Polytechnic. If you want then see the number of seats for all department of this polytechnic.

General Information of Comilla Polytechnic Institute

Teacher's Information 
Teacher's NameDesignation
Student's Information
TechnologyNumber of Seats
Mechanical 50
Power (Auto)50

Department name of Comilla Polytechnic Institute


Diploma in Civil Engineering

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Computer Engineering

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Electrical Engineering

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Electronics Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

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Power (Autodigel) Engineering Technology

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