Civil Wood Engineering Technology

Civil Wood Engineering Technology is a techCivil Wood Technologynology for wood. Wood has been used since the beginning of the period. In modern times, extensive use of wood. Extensive use of wood when we see around. Demand for timber is increasing day by day. He can not increase the rate of production of wood. So, as a result of unplanned logging is damaging the environment. The wooden furnitu
re is beautiful and enduring. The wood used to build houses and furniture. Other aspects to consider are prayojana Wood Technology. It is a modern technology and the technology used in our sides pretty much can be sorted. Wood environmentally friendly and beautiful enhancement of the Quran.


Civil Wood Engineering

Civil wood engineering technology is Environmentally friendly furniture made of wood
Is not easily broken
Good and relevant products, furniture is considered as an asset
Artistry with wood inlaid furniture in the house were the magic
Wooden furniture is less weight
Furniture can be made in different colors and sizes
Comparison of the price can be used for various purposes under construction
Available in a variety of quality wood

Civil Wood Engineering Technology

Other problems

According to the letter of the furniture is made of wood, such as the difficulty of not less advantage. Because the quality of wood does not have a chance to select the difficulty of the benefit could be more warm
If it’s not the quality of wood as beautiful and expensive furniture made of whether the letter will be lost in the Bab al. Wood is a civil engineer, but always conscious about the quality of the wood is
You do not know the proper use of wooden furniture to create a little more wood to be spent
In the absence of accurate knowledge of timber as well as smooth and the colors will not be able to
Lack of knowledge of proper use of wood is an accident dissension
Some of the wood is lost as a result of wet in the rain

About Civil Wood Engineering Field service

Wood civil engineers are in great demand in today’s world. They Advanced Public-Private service employment system itself can invest in short.

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