Barguna polytechnic institute which is control by BTEB

Barguna polytechnic institute

Potkhakhali, Dhalua, Barguna
Phone: 88-0446-63460, 01190-964071, Fax: 88-0446-63460

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Md. A.J.M Masedur Rahman

Barguna Polytechnic Institute

Barguna polytechnic institute of Bangladesh

Barguna Polytechnic Institute, founded in 2006. This is one of the best of the public Polytechnic institute of Bangladesh. And this institute control by Bangladesh Technical Education Board.

This institute Nickname Institute (BPI). One of them, which was establish by the Government of Bangladesh and this institute is best for Environmental engineering. The Polytechnic Institute, contains about 49 cases in a short period of the Institute of Technical Education has been able to gain a huge reputation. Technology education which is control by the BTEB board. Courses are conduct by the Department of the Institute of Technical Education.¬†Technically, it’s control by Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). Classes are conduct in two shifts. The first shift start from 8:00 pm to 1.30 pm and 1.35 pm and 7.40 pm the second shift. Institute of Engineering degree students are award diploma. The minimum 8th grade students must pass the admission to vocational courses.

General Information of Barguna Polytechnic Institute

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Refrigeration and Air Condition50

Computer Engineering of Barguna polytechnic Institute

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Electronics Engineering of Barguna Polytechnic Institute

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Environmental Engineering of Barguna Polytechnic Institute

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Refrigeration and Air Condition Technology of Barguna Polytechnic Institute

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