Thakurgaon Polytechnic Institute

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Thakurgaon Polytechnic Institute

Thakurgaon Polytechnic Institute

Gobindanagar, Thakurgaon-5100 Bangladesh
Phone: 88-0561-61400, 01714558001, Fax: 88-0561-61400
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Engr. Md. Maksudur Rahman

Thakurgaon Polytechnic Institute

Thakurgaon Polytechnic Institute is one of the polytechnic Polytechnic Institute. Thakurgaon Polytechnic Institute (TPI) of the new Institute. Thakurgaon district is the first and only polytechnic institute. It was launched in 2004. this is the best Diploma in Engineering institute in Thakurgaon. this polytechnic institute also has a stipend facility and also Hostel for Students.

There are five departments in this polytechnic institute. This institute teaches technical education subjects. there are 640 students in this institute. 487 male students and 153 female students at Thakurgaon Polytechnic Institute. This polytechnic institute is fully maintained by the Technical Education Board Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Here is the detailed information below:

Type Govt. Polytechnic 
Established 2004
The Dean Khorshed Alam
Academics 27
Administrative Personnel 30
Student 2000+
The School Urban, 2 acres
Affiliation Bangladesh Technical Education Board

Here is more information about this institute:

Male Student : 487
Female Student : 153
Total Teacher : N/A
Male Hostel Seat : N/A
Female Seat : N/A
Institute Type : Public

Thakurgaon Polytechnic Institute


There are a total of 5 departments. These are:

  1. Architecture and Interior Design Technology
  2. Computer Technology
  3. Food Technology
  4. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology
  5. Mechatronics Technology

Architecture and Interior Design Technology :

What is architectural Engineering? Architecture and interior design diploma in engineering about full details information you can get this site. Without proper architectural and interior design, we may not get a proper project.

Computer Technology : 

Now the best engineering technology is computer Engineering technology. You can also learn about computer engineering Latest info. It is an Important Technology In the present World

Food Technology:

Food Engineering technology is the most effective engineering in the world. you can also learn about Food Diploma in Engineering information here. Without food preservation, it will be wasted.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology:

Refrigeration and air conditioning technology is a new and effective technology. But it is a very effective engineering technology for every world. You can learn about more refrigeration and air conditioning technology information here. Nowadays It’s Important More and Most.

Mechatronics Technology

Mechatronics technology is like a superhero team of science and engineering, combining the brawn of mechanics (think gears and engines), the smarts of electronics (think wires and circuits), and the cunning of computers (think coding and robots).