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bangladesh survey institute

Bangladesh Survey Institute

Rammala, Comilla
Phone:+08168477, 01718 5383, Fax: 88-081-68477, Email:


Md. Kapayet Ullah

Bangladesh Survey Institute

Bangladesh Survey Institute

Bangladesh Survey Institute, an educational institution of the Department of Technical Education under the Ministry of Education. Bangladesh Survey Institute was established in 1914. The company Diploma in Engineering (surveys) has launched a four-year course.

Bangladesh Institute’s first shift and second surveys are being conducted in shifts of students taught. Through the course of these surveys is to create student improvement and skilled human resources. Students are taught the basics of education in this country and international organizations with expertise in different organizations are involved. this is one of the best Diploma in Engineering institutes in Comilla, Rammala. this polytechnic institute teaches Technical subjects such as Surveying Diploma in Engineering technology.

General Information

Male Student: 122
Female Student: 38
Total Teacher: Staff- 13
Male Hostel Seat: N/A
Female Seat: N/A
Institute Type: Public

Bangladesh Survey Institute Vision

  • To develop students through hands-on education based on the needs of domestic and international markets.
  • Achieving economic prosperity through survey education.
  • To make it useful to be self-employed through survey education.
  • Provide training to teachers, students, and staff to enhance their skills.
  • At present, digital land management has undergone extensive changes.

Bangladesh Survey Institute

Survey Institute Mission

Development of human resources, achievement of economic prosperity, and improvement of quality of life through survey education.


Surveying technology

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