Sherpur Polytechnic institute in Bangladesh

Sherpur Polytechnic Institute

Sherpur Polytechnic institute Bhatshala, Sherpur Phone: 0931-62534, 01711-193503, Fax: 0931-62534 Email Us Principal Md. Sakhawat Hossain Information of Sherpur Polytechnic Institute Sherpur Polytechnic Institute of district, a fertile ground for technical education. Diploma in specialized engineering sector plays an important role. More than 1600 students in four-year diploma course in engineering From the study. Institute […]

Shariatpur polytechnic institute SPI in Bangladesh

Shariatpur polytechnic institute

Shariatpur polytechnic institute Burirhat, Shariatpur Phone: 88-0931-62534, , Fax: 88-0931-62534 Email Us Principal Md. Humayan Kabir Khan Information of Shariatpur Polytechnic Institute Shariatpur polytechnic institute SPI. Welcome Shariatpur Polytechnic Institute website. I visit this website for your informative feeling and hope to be helpful. SPI short Shariatpur Polytechnic Institute, providing high-quality mid-level technical education and […]

Satkhira polytechnic institute in Bangladesh

Satkhira Polytechnic institute

Satkhira polytechnic institute Labsha, Satkhira 9400 Phone: 88-0471-65170, 01711-940279, Fax: 88-0471-65170 Email Us , Visit Website Principal G.M. Azizur Rahman Satkhira polytechnic institute Information The unique Satkhira polytechnic institute, a special Polytechnic Institute of Bangladesh. The Polytechnic Institute of Satkhira district. Mid-level technical manpower needs of the country and home to the country’s recovery imphasis […]

Rangpur Polytechnic institute in Bangladesh

Rangpur Polytechnic Institute

Rangpur Polytechnic institute Shalbon, Mistry Para Road, Rangpur, Bangladesh Phone: 0521-63513, , Fax: 0521-63513 Email Us , Visit Website Principal Khandakar Golam Mostafa Rangpur Polytechnic institute Since 1882 the British during the “District Council building”, which is closer to the place, “Bailey Govinda Technical School” with the name of the institute is working. An expert […]

Rajshahi polytechnic institute in Bangladesh

Rajshahi polytechnic institute

Rajshahi polytechnic institute Sapur, Rajshahi Phone: 0721-761977, , Fax: 0721-761977 Email Us , Visit Website Principal Prof. Md. Nurul Islam Rajshahi Polytechnic institute Rajshahi polytechnic institute is the One of the best Diploma in Engineering of Rajshahi Education Board Bangladesh. Generally Rajshahi Polytechnic institute are teaching Diploma in engineering and technical Diploma engineering subject such […]

Rajshahi mohila polytechnic institute in Bangladesh

Rajshahi mohila polytechnic institute

Rajshahi mohila polytechnic institute Nawdapara bypass road, Rajshahi Phone: 88-0721-861344, , Fax: 88-0721-861344 Email Us , Visit Website Principal Md. Omar Faruque About of Rajshahi mohila polytechnic institute Rajshahi Mohila Polytechnic Institute (RMPI) Welcome to. It Polytechnic in northern Bangladesh. Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute in architecture, interior design, computer, Electromedical, and the electronics and the technology […]

Patuakhali polytechnic institute in Bangladesh

Potuakhali Polytechnic institute

Patuakhali polytechnic institute Patuakhali Phone: 88-0441-62345, , Fax: 88-0441-62345 Visit Website Principal Kazi Zakir Hossain Patuakhali polytechnic institute information Southern parts of the country have been place in Patuakhali Polytechnic. It was found in 1989, only two of the academic program (Civil Technology and Electrical Technology) was. It was found in 1993. Generally Patuakhali Polytechnic […]

Pabna polytechnic institute in Bangladesh

pabna polyechnic instiute

Pabna polytechnic institute Pabna Phone: 88-0731-65844, , Fax: 88-0731-65844 Email Us Principal Md. Shajahan Ali About of Pabna polytechnic institute Pabna Polytechnic Institute, a historical Polytechnic Institute. The Institute is conducted under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board. Which plays a vital role in the technical sector. Mr. Roy, Mr. Banomali trash landlord “BL Elliott Technical […]

Narshindhi Polytechnic institute in Bangladesh

Narshindhi Polytechnic institute

Narshindhi polytechnic institute Police Line, Narshindi Phone: 88-0628-51662, , Fax: 88-0628-51662 Email Us , Visit Website Principal Sushil Kumar Paul Narshindhi Polytechnic institute Narsingdi Polytechnic Institute with a view to providing students the best quality of technical education was established in the year 2006. The purpose of the Institute by providing work-based learning and teaching […]

Naraongang polytechnic institute in Bangladesh

Narayanganj Polytechnic institute

Naraongang polytechnic institute Naraogaon Phone: 88-0721-62070, 01915566804, Fax: 88-0721-62070 Email Us , Visit Website Principal Md. Fazlul Hoque Naraongang polytechnic institute Naraongang polytechnic institute is a one of the best Diploma in Engineering institute of Naraongang. This polytechnic institute fully maintain by Technical Education Board dhaka, bangladesh. there are stipend facility have in this polytechnic […]

Mymensing polytechnic institute in Bangladesh

mymenshing polytechnic institute

Mymensing polytechnic institute Maskanda, Mymensingh Phone: 88-091-54294, , Fax: 88-091-54294 Email Us Principal Md Farid Uddin Mymensing polytechnic institute Generally Mymensingh Polytechnic Institute, renowned educational institutions in the country. Generally it was established in 1963. There are 4,000 students studying various technical institutes. The Institute’s mission is to build up skilled technicians. It works under […]

Munshiganj Polytechnic Institute

Munshiganj Polytechnic Institute

Munshiganj polytechnic institute Mirkadim, Munshiganj Phone: 88-0691-63825, 01715810650, Fax: 88-0691-63825 Email Us Principal Nihar Ranjan Das Munshiganj Polytechnic Institute   Munshiganj Polytechnic Institute is the One of the Best Polytechnic institute in Munshiganj Polytechnic Institute.  Generally this polytechnic polytechnic fully maintain by Bangladesh Technical Education Board dhaka. this polytechnic have Stipend facility and also seat in […]