Chandpur Polytechnic institute in Bangladesh

Chandpur Polytechnic institute

Kachua, Chandpur
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Md. Jahirul Islam

Chandpur Polytechnic Institute

Chandpur Polytechnic institute

Chandpur Polytechnic Institute was established in 2005. Nick assessment of the Polytechnic Institute, the Institute of Public Polytechnic Institute.

The board is working under the Institute of Technical Education. The mission of the Institute of Technical Education sector in Bangladesh has skilled technicians and advanced development. It is normally a four-year long diplomas in various disciplines of engineering degree. After successful completion of training students in engineering courses it provides industrial attachment.

This area is know as supply for our national fish Hilsha. This Polytechnic have a nice place besides the River. As known this polytechnic have a nice and beautiful area on Chandpur District. And this polytechnic have a nice studies for Electronics Student. As known the Electronics teacher’s of this Polytechnic are too good for this subject. If you want to study Electronics subject then we sujest you to study at this Polytechnic. The other subject are also good on this Polytechnic Institute.

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Refrigeration and Air Condition50

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Computer Engineering 

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Construction engineering

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Electronics Engineering

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Refrigeration and Air Condition Technology

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