Faridpur polytechnic institute in Bangladesh gov.bd

Faridpur Polytechnic Institute

Faridpur polytechnic institute Baitul Aman, Faridpur Phone: 88-0631-63598, , Fax: 88-0631-63598 Email Us , Visit Website Principal Md. Anawar Hossain Faridpur polytechnic institute Faridpur Polytechnic Institute  in Bangladesh in the Polytechnic is unique. Generally it was founded in 1980. It is usually conducted by the Bangladesh Technical Board. This polytechnic institute also have stipend facility […]

Dinajpur polytechnic institute of Bangladesh gov.bd

Dinajpur polytechnic institute Balubari, Dinajpur. Phone: 88-0531-65573, +8801718003590, Fax: 88-0531-65573 Email Us , Visit Website Principal Dr. Md. Mostafizur Rahman Dinajpur polytechnic institute Dinajpur Polytechnic Institute and independent of the plants expose to noise, is adorned with a beautiful environment. Currently, 49 Polytechnic Institute. Dinajpur Polytechnic Institute was established in 1986. In 1968, then in […]

Comilla Polytechnic Institute in Bangladesh gov.bd

Comilla Polytechnic Institute

Comilla Polytechnic Institute Kotbari, Comilla Phone: 88-081-76077, , Fax: 88-081-76077 Email Us Principal Md. Murad Hossain Mollah Comilla Polytechnic Institute Comilla Polytechnic Institute of Bangladesh in the Polytechnic. It is usually published by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board. The two shifts. This polytechnic fully maintain by Technical education board in dhaka, bangladesh. Comilla polytechnic have […]

Chittagong polytechnic institute in Bangladesh gov.bd

Chittagong polytechnic institute

Chittagong polytechnic institute Nasirabad, Chittagong Phone: 88-031-62534, 01712770805, Fax: 88-031-62534 Email Us Principal Sawkat-ul Islam Chittagong polytechnic institute Technically educated percent of our country is very poor. The greatest part of the College of Engineering. Technical Education under the Ministry of Education compiles directly to the system. And it was established in 1962. This is […]

Chittagong mohila polytechnic institute

Chittagong mohila polytechnic institute

Chittagong  mohila polytechnic institute Uttar Halishahar, Chittaging Phone: 88-031-2512074, , Fax: 88-031-2512074 Email Us Principal Abdul Malek Chittagong  mohila polytechnic institute Polytechnic Institute in Chittagong, Bangladesh is one of the most famous college diploma. Institute Nick name (CMDPI). For those who want to build a career in the technology sector, women have been established to […]

Chapinawabganj polytechnic institute in Bangladesh gov.bd

Chapinawabganj polytechnic institute

Chapinawabganj polytechnic institute Chapinawabganj Principal Mrs. Sakila Rahman Chapinawabganj polytechnic institute The unique and special education institutions like the Polytechnic Institute Polytechnic Nawabganj. Mainly in technical education in the third world countries and this fact can not develop without understanding. 49 People’s Republic of Bangladesh to create skilled manpower in the Polytechnic Institute has nearly […]

Chandpur Polytechnic institute in Bangladesh gov.bd

Chandpur Polytechnic Institute

Chandpur Polytechnic institute Kachua, Chandpur Phone: 88-08425-56205, , Fax: 88-08425-56205 Email Us Principal Md. Jahirul Islam Chandpur Polytechnic institute Chandpur Polytechnic Institute was established in 2005. Nick assessment of the Polytechnic Institute, the Institute of Public Polytechnic Institute. The board is working under the Institute of Technical Education. The mission of the Institute of Technical […]

Brahmanbaria polytechnic institute in Bangladesh by gov.bd

Bahramanbaria Polytechnic Institute

Brahmanbaria polytechnic institute Islampur, Brahmanbaria Phone: 88-08327-56151, , Fax: 88-08327-56151 Email Us Principal Mohasinur Rahman Brahmanbaria polytechnic institute of Bangladesh Brahmanbaria polytechnic institute is the best polytechnic of Bangladesh. This polytechnic maintains by Bangladesh technical education board(BTEB) . This is a one of the best Diploma in Engineering institute in Brahmanbaria. This polytechnic fully maintain […]

Bogra polytechnic institute in Bangladesh BTEB.gov.bd

Bogra Polytechnic institute

Bogra polytechnic institute Bogra Phone: 051-66152, 01716991274, Fax: 051-66152 Email Us , Visit Website Principal Md. Moajjem Hossain Bangladesh Bogra Polytechnic Institute was founded in 1955 in an old Polytechnic Institute. It is the largest one of the Government Polytechnic Institute. Institute nickname BPI. Oklahoma State University, the Ford Foundation in the United States, based […]

Bhola polytechnic institute of Bangladesh Polytechnic

Bhola Polytechnic institute

Bhola polytechnic institute Borhanuddin, Bhola Phone: 88-04922-56375, 01939420280, Fax: 88-04922-56375 Email Us , Visit Website Principal Engr.Hasan Md. Qumruzzaman Bhola polytechnic institute Bhola Polytechnic Institute (BPI) of Bangladesh in the Polytechnic. It is the biggest Island of Bangladesh area and the area is 3404’48 sq km. The Bhola Polytechnic was established at 2005 under the […]

Barisal Polytechnic institute Of Bangladesh Gov.Edu.com

Barishal polytechnic Institute

Barisal Polytechnic institute Alekanda, Barisal Phone: 88-0431-53184, 01552-448951, Fax: 88-0431-53184 Email Us , Visit Website Principal Mir Md. Mosharrof Hossain Barisal Polytechnic institute Barisal Polytechnic Institute and the Polytechnic Institute in Dhaka, Bangladesh Bangladesh’s highest seat of learning in the southern region, it is. The main campus is located in the 1962 Institute of palitekaniki […]