Lakshmpur Polytechnic Institute

Lakshmpur Polytechnic Institute

Lakshmpur Polytechnic Institute Lakshmipur Phone: 88-0381-61022, , Fax: 88-0381-61022 Email Us Lakshmpur Polytechnic Institute Lakshmipur Polytechnic Institute was established in 2006. It has four Technology: the name of the computer, civil, electronics, AIDT there. 384 The number of students per academic Inistitute have to admit this. Bangladesh is managed by the Technical Education. this polytechnic […]

Kustia polytechnic Institute in Bangladesh

Kustia polytechnic Institute

Kustia polytechnic Institute Aruapara, Kushtia Principal Md. Lutfor Rahman Kustia Polytechnic Institute Welcome to the Kushtia Polytechnic Institute. Kushtia Polytechnic Institute to ensure academic success for students in a safe, positive, and are committed to working together to provide a supportive learning environment. It is conducted by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board. this institute teach […]

Kurigram polytechnic institute in Bangladesh

Kurigram polytechnic institute

Kurigram polytechnic institute Kurigram Phone: 88-0581-61688, , Fax: 88-0581-61688 Principal Md. Abdul Quddus Sarder Kurigram Polytechnic Institute Details Welcome to the Kurigram polytechnic institute. Here we are in real life, maintaining a suitable environment for the education system, improve the system of Bangladesh Technical Education Department to try to implement it in earnest. Bangladesh Technical […]

Kishorganj polytechnic Institute in Bangladesh

Kishorganj polytechnic Institute

  Kishorganj polytechnic Institute Kishorganj,Email Us Principal Abul Kalam Azad Kishorganj polytechnic Institute Kishaorganj Polytechnic Institute Polytechnic Institute, one of the latter. It is only a mid-level engineering institutions in Kishoreganj district. This 4-year diploma in computer technology and the first-year class-Engineering was founded in 2008 with only 48 students. The Institute is now four […]

Khulna polytechnic institute in Bangladesh

Khulna polytechnic institute

Khulna polytechnic institute Khalispur I/A, Khulna Phone: 88-041-762352, , Fax: 88-041-762352 Email Us , Visit Website Principal Akhtaruzzaman Talukder Khulna polytechnic institute For mid-level studies Polytechnic Institute in the south of the country in the most prestigious institutions of. 3800 students are studying in this institution Institution engineering diploma. And the KPI 8 teaching departments. […]

Khulna Mohila Polytechnic institute

khulna mohila polytechnic

Khulna Mohila Polytechnic institute Khalispur I/A, Khulna Phone: 88-041-2850092, , Fax: 88-041-2850092 Visit Website Principal Akhtaruzzaman Talukder Khulna Mohila Polytechnic institute Welcome to Khulna Mohila Polytechnic institute (KMPI) website. And your visits to this website, enlightening hope to be meaningful and profitable. Polytechnic Institute in Chittagong in short (KMPI). Entire sections of the Polytechnic Institute, […]

Jhenaidah Polytechnic institute in Bangladesn

Jhenaidah Polytechnic institute

Jhenaidah Polytechnic institute Jhenidah Phone: 88-0451-61385, , Fax: 88-0451-61385 Email Us , Visit Website Principal Engr. Md. Mizanur Rahman Jhenaidah Polytechnic institute Jhenaidah Polytechnic institute is one of the only polytechnic. And Jhenaidah Polytechnic institute short name (JHPI) is. It is just 45 students and three teachers was established in 2002 with. This is only […]

Jessore polytechnic institute in Bangladesh

Jessore polytechnic institute

Jessore polytechnic institute Kotoali , Jessore , Bangladesh Phone: 88-0421-73436, , Fax: 88-0421-73436 Email Us , Visit Website Principal Md. Siddiqur Rahman Jessore Polytechnic Institute Jessore Polytechnic Institute, which is located in Southwest Bangladesh in the Polytechnic education is good for the organization. Abbreviated name of the Institute (JPI) is. It is the oldest of […]

Habiganj polytechnic institute in Bangladesh

Habiganj polytechnic institute

Habiganj polytechnic institute Gophya, Habigonj Phone: 88-0831-62320, 01715-747546, Fax: 88-0831-62320 Email Us Principal Pradipta Khisha Habiganj polytechnic institute The modern Polytechnic Institute of Polytechnic Institute in Habiganj. Only a mid-level engineering institutions in Habiganj. Generally it was established in 1964. Polytechnic Institute of International Standards maintaining greater as (BTEB) under the 4-year diploma course in […]

Gopalganj polytechnic institute in Bangladesh

Gopalganj polytechnic institute

Gopalganj polytechnic institute Chandradigalia, Gopalganj Phone: 88-0668-58015, , Fax: 88-0668-58015 Principal Mahananda Majumder Gopalganj polytechnic institute Among the Polytechnic Institute of the Polytechnic of gopalaganja Polytechnic. This is usually one of the grades of the Polytechnic. It is conducted by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board. this is a one of the best Diploma in Engineering […]

Feni Computer Institute of Feni area in Bangladesh

Feni Computer Institute

Feni  Computer  Institute New Ranirhat, Feni Phone: 331-61888, 01818-591793, 01811-227601, Fax: 0331-61888 Email Us , Visit Website Principal Sayed Nurun Nabi Feni  Computer  Institute conversion of the vast population of human resources and information and communication technology, computer education students has been established in order to meet the growing demand. Feni district has a computer […]

Feni Polytechnic Institute in Bangladesh

Feni Polytechnic Institute

Feni polytechnic institute Malipur, Feni Phone: 0331-74030, , Fax: 0331-74030 Email Us Principal Md Monzurul Alam Feni polytechnic institute Barisal Polytechnic Institute was establish on February 29th, 1964. It is located 500 meters east from Feni Sadar Hospital. Dhaka-Chittagong highway near the old road in a 15.97-acre campus of Civil and Mechanical Engineering Department started […]