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Jhenaidah Polytechnic institute

Jenidah polytechnic institute

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Engr. Md. Mizanur Rahman

Jhenaidah Polytechnic institute

Jhenaidah Polytechnic institute is one of the only polytechnic. Jhenaidah Polytechnic institute short name (JHPI) is. It is just 45 students and three teachers was established in 2002 with. This is only one of the Blu-level engineering institutions. Institute courses are now four technologies. this is a one of the best diploma in Engineering institute in Jhenaidah. there are four engineering technology in Jhenaidah polytechnic institute civil, computer, electrical, electronics and environmental Diploma in engineering technology in Jhenaidah polytechnic institute. there are 640 student in this institute 476 male student and 164 female student in Jhenaidah polytechnic institute. you can get also more information in Jhenaidah polytechnic institute bellow:


General Information
Male Student : 476
Female Student : 164
Total Teacher : N/A
Male Hostel Seat : N/A
Female Seat : N/A
Institute Type : Public



Civil Engineering

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Computer engineering

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Electronics Engineering

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Environmental engineering

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