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Jessore polytechnic institute

Jessore polytechnic institute

Kotoali , Jessore , Bangladesh
Phone: 88-0421-73436, , Fax: 88-0421-73436
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Samsul Alam

Jessore polytechnic institute

Jessore Polytechnic Institute, which is located in Southwest Bangladesh in the Polytechnic education is good for the organization.

Abbreviated name of the Institute (JPI) is. It is the oldest of the Polytechnic Institute. Institute of Engineering and a diploma for 45 years has provided the country with the reputation. Year students of the Institute to provide training and education showed his talent. It works under the Ministry of Education, Government of Bangladesh. this is a one of the best diploma in engineering institute in jessore. there are seven department in jessore polytechnic institute. there are 1120 student in this polytechnic institute 855 male student and 265 female student jessore polytechnic institute. jessore polytechnic institute fully maintain by technical education board dhaka, bangladesh. you can get more fully details information about jessore polytechnic institute bellow :


General Information
Male Student : 855
Female Student : 265
Total Teacher : N/A
Male Hostel Seat : N/A
Female Seat : N/A
Institute Type : Public



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